10 way to Speed up Your Slow Windows 10  Laptop and PC

Speed up Your Slow Windows 10 Laptop and PC
(Last Updated On: July 2, 2018)

10 way to Speed up Your Slow Windows 10  Laptop and PC

Laptop and computer a most important gadget of human life. Not only personal but every business and factory depend on computer work. As of now lots of high configuration Laptops and PC available for personal as well as commercial use. But when you think about a gaming Laptop or PC than it always loaded with extra high configuration to faster speed and gaming experience. But to keep your windows laptop and pc speedup always require some basic tools and maintenance steps. In this post I will give 10 way to Speed up Your Slow Windows 10  Laptop and PC  with and without using Tools.

Every one use Laptop and Pc but don’t know how to keep it up to date and speedup always. You may also facing lagging issue and hanging issue on your PC or laptop. This post for all of them who facing issue “computer running slow, laptop lagging several time during work and if you have installed windows 8 and windows 10 in your Laptop than you should speedup windows 10 PC.


How to make your Windows 10 Computer Faster with 10 free tools

After follow given basic steps you can easily increase 40%-50% speed of your windows Laptop and PC. Doesn’t matter how higher configuration your laptop or pc are but due to avoiding some basic maintenance steps you can also face slow speed and hang issue in your gaming laptop.

Doesn’t matter you are suing original windows and antivirus still your PC can get slower due to several reason. So just make your PC faster with using some free tools and manual maintenance operations. This post will help you to speed up your laptop installed with windows 7 windows 8 and windows 10 PC. Read 10 steps to fix computer running slow.

1- Clean manual temp file

2- Ccleaner Tools

3-Combo fix

4- Antivirus

5- Hard disk defragment

6- Uninstall unwanted software

7- Remove unnecessary extension and tools on browser

8- Disable animated screen saver

09- Disable startup programs

10- Clean fans


  1. Clean Temp file on Windows :

Whenever we use any file or software than there is temporary file created which saved on temp folder. When temp file limit exceed than you may feel your laptop running slow and taking too much time to open any file or software. You can easily fix slow file open process and laptop running slow up to 20%-30% with just removing manual temp file. See below steps to know how to remove temp file in windows manually?

Step1- Open run command

Press Windows Key + R  button

Type “%temp%”  press ok button

how to speed up laptop for gaming


Step2– Delete all the file and folder showing in temp folder as shown below image.

how to speed up laptop at startup

2:- Ccleaner Tools

Is your i5 and i7 laptop running slow even it has 8 GB ram installed. Optimize your slow laptop with using Cleaner tools. It will help you to remove all the junk and temporary file removed from location you cannot find manually.

You can download Cleaner tools free to optimise your slower windows 10 PC or laptop up to 50% within minute. Ccleaner is the best free and paid tool to Speed up Your Slow Windows 10 Laptop and PC quickly.

how to speed up laptop boot time windows 10
Speed up Your Slow Windows 10 Laptop and PC

Download Free Ccleaner Pro Full version now



3: Combo fix

Are you fighting with your computer to open any task because of slower speed? If you are an internet user and after some time feel your laptop running slower than it can be cause of spam ware or malware downloaded from internet site. You can clean your Windows PC and Windows 10 laptop slower process with deep clean using combo fix freeware software. It’s help you to repair your infected file and will fix pc running slow.

fix slow laptop windows 10


Download Combo Fix now


4: Antivirus

how to fix my slow asus laptop


Major reason of running slower computer can be due to infected with virus. If you are a regular internet user and browse several website always than your PC can be infected with virus if you don’t have any good antivirus installed. Always use a good antivirus which capable to safe your PC from virus and malwares. When you think “why my computer slower” just think is your Antivirus stronger to fight with latest virus and protect your laptop from virus attacks.



Download Quick heal  Free Antivirus Now for 1 year


5: Hard disk defragment

TO speed up your windows hard disk defragment is important process. Defragment is inbuilt feature available in windows all version with properties option. Defragment process organize all the file properly. To defragment your hard disk see the steps below.

1:- Right click on Drive and go to properties

2:- Click Tools tab

3:- click Optimise

how to fix a slow computer


Click Analyse button and after analyse process press optimise button to start defragment process.

how to speedup compture


6: Uninstall unwanted software

Computer running slow process also a reason is installing unwanted and heavy software which never use. Every software use the space on drive and increase the CPU load during booting system. So  uninstall unwanted software which you usually not use or use very often.

To uninstall software- in windows 7 , windows8 and windows 10

Go to Control panel – Program and feature.

Select the program you don’t use and click uninstall button.

Software remove in windows Xp

Go to control panel

Add and remove programs

Select software you not use and click uninstall.


7: Remove unnecessary extension and tools on browser

Are your facing slow internet browsing in your windows laptop or PC. When we install any software there is lot of unusual web tools install complsury with it and they make our internet and computer slower. So just remove and disable the unnecessary extension from browser.

How to remove Extension from Chrome browser.

Click on dot ( :  )

Go to more tools — Extension

how to fix slow internet


Find the unusual extension and remove from browser. This step will make your internet browsing faster than before.


how to fix a slow gateway laptop

8- Disable animated screen saver

To make your Laptop faster don’t use any animated screen saver. Animated screen saver always take the graphic and CPU load so it’s make your PC slower when you are using many task simultaneously.


09- Disable startup programs

If your windows Laptop and pc take long time to boot and open all the icon and program than this step is more important for you. When windows start there are many program enable on startup and windows take time to start all the program set on startup enable. So disable startup program to faster boot your windows laptop.

To disable startup right click on task bar and choose task manager.

how to fix a very slow computer

Click on Startup tab   and select the program

Press disable button to stop startup.

my computer is running slow how do i fix it

10- Clean fans

To keep your laptop and computer always faster and lag free do fan cleaning after few months. Fan exhaust the heating from CPU and other hard ware but if fan did not proper cooling CPU then windows can slow and may restart several time during heavy load on multi task. So always service your laptop and computer to make it faster and problem free.


This is the basic maintenance and service steps to Speed up Your Slow Windows 10 Laptop and PC. to keep repair and maintain your laptop and PC regularly increase the speed of computer as well as life of machine. so regularly do service to keep every hardware smooth and lag free operation for your laptop and computers.


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