Desktop all icons changed into .lnk file in Windows [Solved]

Desktop all icons changed into lnk file (Last Updated On: March 4, 2019)

Desktop all icons changed into lnk file type and while try to open with the option using right click then it also not works. follow the steps to restore your all desktop and start menu icon into original forms.

Desktop all icons changed into .lnk file in Windows [Solved]

Surely your Desktop all icons shortcuts changed into a single program icon and cannot open. It is a common problem can come in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 as well while all the icons changed into a single file name. I faced the same issue and when it’s showing .INK file type looks into icon properties. If your desktop shortcut icons change into the same file name like, adobe reader, Firefox or any other than do not panic. When I tried to change the icon than all the shortcut icons changed with the same new icons. I also tried right click and open with specific file name but all icon changed to same file types. Apart from this problem also see 10 way to Speed up Your Slow Windows 10  Laptop and PC.

Finally, I got the solution for this issue “All desktop icons changed into.INK file type” and showing the same icon for all shortcuts. This troubleshooting can apply for an issue facing in operating system windows7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Follow the below steps to Troubleshooting of icon changed and restore the Icon from “.INK” file types. You can reset all the shortcut icons from .INK file to original icon type within a few steps.

You need to update register file to reset icons to remove the .LNK extension and restore into the original shortcut.


Go to Start menu and open RUN command windows.

Use Windows Key+ R key to open using shortcut key.

Type “regedit” and press OK button

desktop shortcut icons replaced changed to .lnk file extension

Windows Registry Editor will open.

Now Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER-> Software-> Microsoftà Windowsà Explorerà FileExtsà.INK

Inside .Ink right click on User Choice folder and delete it.

Close Windows register editor and restart Windows.

After the restart, all icon will restore into the original form which program they related to.

 windows 7 desktop icons changed to lnk

  2. Software
  3. Microsoft
  4. Windows
  5. Explorer
  6. FileExts
  7. .INK
  8. User Choice ( delete this folder


Final words

IF you try to find the answer to Why all my Start Menu and Desktop items changed to .lnk files suddenly. If your start menu and desktop icons changed into INK file type than do not try to uninstall program its showing icon type.  You need to make the registry changes to solve your icon file change to ink file. Use these steps if you facing desktop icon change issue in any version of Microsoft Windows.


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