The 10 Best VPN for Windows 10, Mac OS, Android and iOS [Free & Paid]

The 10 Best VPN for Windows 10

Do you wish to access your private network while you are not in the office and from your home so you can keep online with your work? This is possible with the VPN server and client technology which will let you access the private network through a secure tunnel.  Read more details about the best VPN for Windows and smartphone to access any private network from any location.

The 10 Best VPN for Windows 10, Mac OS, Android and iOS

Before buying any VPN software you must know the full details about it and understand how VPN useful for you. See below to use of VPN technology and service provide by VPNs.

What is a VPN?

VPN full form is the virtual private network.  VPN use to access your private network publicly through VPN terminal. Basically, VPN is a secure virtual way to connect branch and head office private networks to work in centralized applications.

VPN services used in multi-branch companies to access their different location branch private networks to use centralized application and ERP services. Windows operating system is the largest using OS in personal and commercial works. There is also an inbuilt Windows VPN client having in Windows OS. But most of the people prefer to use third-party VPN software to get the best VPN experience for Windows.

If you are also looking to access your internal private network publicly from worldwide. I have brought the great VPN with a low price which makes your private network secure as well as faster and also includes the best free VPN for Windows.

The top 10 Best VPN for Windows 10 and Linux

Although the h title of the post is the best VPN for Windows 10 but the list also contain the best VPN services which also support multi-operating system such as Mac, Android, IOS, and Linux as well. Before choosing any prefer VPN providers don’t forget to cross-check all the features provided by VPN clients, to keep VPN online always and your private network accessible from any location.

1: OpenVPN

2: CyberGhost VPN

3: ExpressVPN

4: NordVPN

5: Hotspot Shield Free VPN

6: VyprVPN

7: PureVPN

8: IPVanish

9: TigerVPN

10: Total VPN

1: OpenVPN | Free VPN Client for Windows

free vpn download for windows 7

OpenVPN free and Top VPN Software for PC with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. I will prefer OpenVPN best VPN services of 2018 which will make your network secure. It is also the best free unlimited VPN for Android and you can also access private networks in iPhone using iOS VPN clients. So when getting everything in single VPN for Windows, Smartphone and iOS then why use multiple VPN services for different type OS. The best thing is OpenVPN also supports Amazon web services and cloud. With free it is also the best VPN for streaming and gaming experience which is blocked to a specific location.

Download Best Free Open VPN for Windows Now  |                 Copy Code  50% off on Multi-user

2: CyberGhost VPN

best free vpn ipsec client

Yet another best and fastest VPN for Windows 10 and lower. CyberGhost is an excellent VPN for Windows users which a user-friendly interface and easy to configure. In other words, we can say the best alternate of OpenVPN for Windows 10 and other operating systems as well. If you are torrent addicted to downloading the latest software and movies then CyberGhost VPN can be your favorite free VPN for torrenting using a secure tunnel. It is very difficult to find the best VPN for Windows or any other operating system until you did not visit each official website and compare the feature they providing. But I understand struggling to find the best thing so I have just shortlist and created a top 10 list of best free VPN software for windows 10 in 2018 and onward until some new technology not replace it.

CyberGhost provides an encrypt your connection and doesn’t keep logs so you no need to worry about your data.

We never avoid privacy about any user so Cyber Ghost VPN hides IP and replaces it with one new IP address of your choice and, you can surf anonymously without disclosing your information.

Download CyberGhost Free VPN client for Windows now

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3: ExpressVPN

best vpn software for mac

ExpressVPN next excellent VPN software for windows as well as mobile apps. It is a VPN solution that provides a secure tunnel and cross-platform supported so not fighting to understand that will it compatible with Mac and other OS. Just ExpressVPN having VPN client which support Windows all version, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS a complete VPN suite for all your need under brands. You get the direct link of VPN download according to your operating system and 3 easy steps far always from setup VPN client connection on Windows 10, Windows Vista and Linux. If you are a Mac PC user you can also enjoy the version of free VPN for Mac OS and get a secured connection from Windows PC to Mac PC.

Download ExpressVPN full version free Now for the single user.   | 25% off on Multi-user – Copy Code

4: NordVPN

best vpn client for netflix

NordVPN also the best VPN but not a Free VPN for Windows or any other platforms. If you are looking a paid VPN software to access your private network from your different branches than NordVPN can be the best VPN client for you. Privacy point of view its hide your IP address and give you different IP which always protects your networks. The best thing is if you are Netflix lover than this will also provide you can enjoy Netflix access always.

Download NordVPN free for Single user Now | Download Pro version Get 50% off

5: Hotspot Shield Free VPN

best vpn client for mac os sierra

Another best choice for Virtual private network access beyond the limit of local home access can be Hotspot Shield. A Free VPN for the best feature which feels you limitless access of your private PC from anywhere using a secured VPN tunnel. best free unlimited VPN for Android and Windows PC with a best free encrypted VPN client. Using VPN connect in a professional and advanced way is Hotspot Shield Free VPN with encrypts and keeps your privacy always.

The commercial paid premium VPN also available which comes in monthly yearly 3 year and half-yearly package base.


6: VyprVPN

 best pptp vpn client for android

How you choose the best VPN software for windows. Did you target the pricing only? I suggest seeing the feature of VPN software instead of finding free VPN software or cheap VPN for windows.  VyprVPN is the best VPN for your network and online Streaming Experience. It is a super VPN and smarter way to access your local network into a Wide area network using a secure VPN tunnel. To Protect your Geolocation it’s blocked the geo-targeting content and change your real IP address. Don’t matter where you are when VyprVPN gives you access to your private network and you can enjoy even live streaming in any location.

Download Free VyprVPN for Windows and Mac X

7: PureVPN

best vpn client streaming

The next Best VPN for Windows and Mac OS is PureVPN which comes with many excellent features. Looking for multi-login VPN client software with strong privacy and security for your networks then choose. Using any VPN should be a fast connection as well as easy to use apps and PC also. You can find many best VPN client but the important things which make a VPN service reliable and best is 24/7 supports. So pureVPN always committed to providing a 365days chat support which will help you always connected to your private network no matter where you are. This VPN client gives you unlimited bandwidth and speed so you can surf and stream without worry about a data limit. Just enjoy a free VPN unlimited access to any website and servers.

Download PureVPN for Single User full Feature AccessGet 30% off on  Multi-user Now

8: IPVanish

best client vpn solution

IPVanish yet another best choice of VPN for Windows and User-friendly apps for smartphones. It takes care of your privacy with feature zero traffic logs of your browsing. Anonymous torrenting never stop your torrent download habit in any way whether it is in the home or access private network from outside home. Using IPVanish gives you 10 simultaneous connections on multiple devices with 256-bit AES encryption and unlimited bandwidth as well. Why not take benefit when you getting IPvanish for testing and 7-day money-back guarantee in case not satisfied. IT supports IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols.

Download IPVanish Free VPN for PC and Phones.                 Get 80% off on Multi-user Pro Version

9: TigerVPN.

TigerVPN the best VPN client for Windows, Mac, Android and I phones. IT provides you a secured VPN tunnel as well as keeps your privacy with no logging feature. IP hiding feature protects you more while access private network using the TigerVPN tunnel. A super stronger encryptions make your network secured and support all the devices so no compromise with any operating system and devices. TigerVPN having version free download best VPN software which gives you limited features than a paid version. You also get a free Shimo license for everyone.

Get TigerVPN free for personal use | Download Now

10: Total VPN

As the name sound Total VPN means complete Virtual private networks. TotalVPN one of the best enterprise VPN client to access their multiple branches’ private network through a secured and reliable VPN tunnel. Using Total VPN your privacy always safe with completely hide your IP, location and personal information. Don’t think about the location where you are just using VPN Unlock Your Favorite Website, From Anywhere. Secure encryption and tracking avoidance always keep your private network safe and track free. Public WI-FI Protection feature surely protect yourself by using the public network such as the airport, hotel, and any other WI-FI networks. The feature of No bandwidth capping gives your freedom of surfing without worry about bandwidth limitations. 24/7 support gives you tension free network access and downtime. TotalVPN best VPN for Chromebook will be coming soon and stop your waiting to connect your Chromebook through VPN software.

Get your Free TotalVPN software for Android, Mac, iOS and Windows now

How to Choose Best VPN for Windows and Mac OS?

When you search in Google “Free VPN for Windows” you get thousands of options within a second. Do you know how to select the best and secured VPN software for your networks? While going to choose a VPN for your personal or commercial network always go through a VPN buying guide to avoid taken wrong software which not secured and reliable for your networks. See the VPN buying checklist while choosing any VPN provider and VPN  software for your networks.

  • VPN should easy configuration and user-friendly
  • Stronger encryption to avoid the security issue
  • Log and tracking free to keep privacy.
  • Check How Many Concurrent Connections Are Allowed?
  • Geo shifting feature to access the restricted website on a certain location
  • Fast and secure connection
  • No bandwidth capping and throttle Connections
  • Support all popular operating system and devices
  • Switching connection feature.
  • Always check number of location supported
  • Check the supported services such as YouTube streaming, Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix.
  • Should support the P2P protocol.
  • Must be Maximum uptime to lose the productivity of your branch office due to down of VPN services.



I hope finally you understand the power of VPN client software and VPN services. You may now confident to pick the right VPN software for your requirement and follow the buying guide of VPN client software while choosing personal and enterprises VPN services. You can easily choose the faster, secured and best VPN for Windows if you go through the checklist mention above.

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