Why You Should Have a Security System in Your Home

Why You Should Have a Security System in Your Home

When home security systems come into the picture, you might think of the installing, disarming, monthly payments, and dealing with the usual hassle typical home security might bring, not to mention the cost of the whole thing. But with the growing rate of burglary every year, it might be wise to invest in it finally.

The safety of your family, valuables, and property cannot be compensated with any amount of money. What you might have to shell out for a home security system is just a little sacrifice in your pocket.

Why do I need to have a home security system?

When you think of your family’s safety, you always want them to be safe and out of harm’s way. You certainly can hope for that, but hopefully won’t surely make your family safe. As the country’s crime rate is always on the rise, one should consider the security one has in his/her house.

Burglary, trespassing, etc. are just some of the things to worry about when your house is not secured. Sure, the financial loss is recoverable, but what about your family? Most people tend to ignore or overlook the security of their house, thinking that a tall gate with a padlock is enough to fend off burglars away. But without a proper security system, you are still pretty much vulnerable to harmful situations.

Protecting your valuables

When thinking of security systems, the safety of your property, as well as your valuables, is the first thing that you will think about. We certainly have that friend with expensive electronics, jewelry, or high-value items that are prone to home invasion scenarios, making them the people with the highest need for security systems in their homes.

Preventing crime

Not only do home security systems protect your property, but it also lowers the crime rate in your area. When a neighborhood mostly has home security systems, the crime rate will significantly lower as well, especially robberies. If you’re planning to sell your house in the future, a neighborhood with at least two or more home security systems can make the value of your property higher.

Having remote access to your home

Modern home security systems now allow the user to monitor what happens in his/her house. Most brands let you monitor your home with the use of surveillance cameras installed around your property. It also allows you to control the thermostat, lights, door locks, and other devices that are scattered throughout your home.

Most brands have additional features of their own, making them stand out in the market for better sales. Some of these features can help protect your property, and some of them are handy in terms of monitoring or remotely accessing specific devices in your house.

One brand called Link, have these handy gadgets and a trustworthy system that will let you monitor your house and control things remotely through the use of a control panel. Link Interactive Security System has this customizable DIY security system with everything in it like a glass break sensor, video doorbell, etc. The Link Interactive security system review has been favorable so far as it is easy to use and interactive.

Control Panel

You can control this security system with the use of a control panel. It’s both voices enabled and controllable by a mobile app. It has a touch screen interface, as well as a two-way audio feature and additional emergency buttons. It is connected through a cellular radio, so you don’t have to worry if an intruder will cut off the phone lines.

Door/Window Sensors

If you want notifications when a door or a window opens or closes, you can do this by installing the door/window sensors. They are thin devices that can stick close to a magnet for installation. Whenever a specific door or window opens, the control panel will be alerted, and you will be notified. There are even people that use these devices to guard their medicine cabinets, safe, and other valuable hiding areas.

Motion Sensors

By the use of infrared technology, the motion sensors that come with the security system can detect movement in a 30 by 35-foot area. They are wireless as well, which is helpful to keep these things hidden, making them efficient in open spaces such as living rooms or hallways. Also, these motion sensors can differentiate between animals and people that are less than 40 pounds in weight. These motion detectors have a battery that can last for five years.


Your family’s and property’s safety have the utmost importance in your life, so it is an excellent decision to have a home security system installed to make sure they are always in good hands. One should remember that the efficiency in terms of protection is the essential factor in choosing a home security system.

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