Binatone SW-GE1008G Vlan Configuration

Binatone SW-GE1008F Vlan Switch

Binatone Managed Switch Configuration with picture.

Binatone SW-GE1008F VLAN Switch is 8 Port 10/100/1000Mbps Giga Bit Ethernet Switch with 2 fiber sfp port for fiber connectivity.  SW-GE1008F switch having a dedicated console port for switch configuration. Its supported Web interface as well as CLI management for switch configuration. Binatone SW-GE1008F comes with RPS (Reserve Power Supply) Power- 12V battery. Its best for small network up to 20 gbps back-plane speed.

Binatone SW-GE1008F fully is L2 managed switch with supported important feature like RSTP,STP, Generic storm controllers for flooded broadcast, flooded multicast which will safe your network from unwanted packet hits.


Port Segmentation (VLAN) Configuration

 VLAN stand for Virtual Local Area Network. Its basically use for managing any small and large network to make it reliable and lag free. Today VLAN is a most important feature used in any network. It’s also make a secure network for two different clients connected in same switch to make protect client data share to all client connected to same switch.


Step : 1 Binatone SW-GE1008F VLAN Switch Configuration Steps

Login to Binatone SW-GE1008F switch with default IP address and default username password. Binatone SW-GE1008F switch Default IP address and username password mention in back side of switch. After login you will get status page on login.

See the left side menu and find Aggregation Option and click. You have to create a group here with port number. Here we have choose port number for create group.

Go to Aggregation – Create Group -1 with port

Select port number and click Apply to create group.

Step : 2

After Create group required to add VLAN ID add VLAN id see the VLAN option left side menu and click the option to enter VLAN settings. You can use VLAN ID digit as per your choice with in supported VLAN range.

Go to VLAN create new VLAN with any id (exmp-200)

Port Segmentation (VLAN) Configuration

Add a VLAN  –  Enter the VLAN ID in this box and click add button.


VLAN Configuration List: If VLAN successfully added you can see in VLAN configuration list given below. To modify and delete select the VLAN number and use button given below.

Step : 3

For Add same VLAN id select the port number you want to join the VLAN id with same port.

EXP: if you want to add VLAN 200 port number 1 and port 2 select the post number from list

Port 1 and Port to selected with VLAN ID 200 , it means both port number are in same VLAN id so port no. 1 can ping port number and port number 2 can ping port number 1.

Step : 4

VLAN per Port Configuration:  VLAN per port configuration you can do with port config button in VLAN option.

Step: 5


In this step you have to choose the PVID for each port . see the Port list and select PVID from last option  choose from drop list you will see all VLAN ID added.

Packet Type: ALL and Tagged Only.

If you want to accept all type packet tagged and un-tagged than choose All but if you want to accept only Tagged Packet than you need to choose Tagged only option from list.

Step : 6

Test Configuration:

For testing VLAN configuration connect PC/Laptop to port number 1 and connect any device or Pc to port number 2 and port number 3.

Test 1:  If are able to ping from port number 1 to port number 2 and port number.

Test 2:  now ping from port number 2 to port number 3. Port number 2 to port number 3 should not ping because both are in different VLAN.

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See the Video for Binatone VLAN  Configuration


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