OpenWrt Access Point Mode Configuration

OpenWrt Access Point Mode Configuration
OpenWrt Client Bridge Mode

OpenWrt Access Point Mode Configuration

OpenWrt is a open source firmware under GNU licenses to developed by openwrt core team to provide additional feature for OEM Brand routers to speedup router performance more then default firmware . you can download your router supported firmware from Openwrt table of hardware . keep in mind wrong firmware upload can damage your new router so before uploading make sure you are using correct model no firmware. We provide you configuration support for OpenWrt firmware free of cost. In this post you can learn OpenWrt Access Point Mode Configuration step to step.

If you are using OEM firmware in your router currently and your want to upgrade it to OpenWrt firmware to make super charge and increase performance and stability of wireless router speed and connectivity than you can get supported firmware from here ( Just see the your router model no. back side of router and find the supported firmware version.

Note: Please make sure you are upgrading correct firmware version as per supported by your router hardware, wrong firmware can permanently brick your router. Do it at your own risk.


Laptop/ PC LAN IP Configuration

Before start configuration your Laptop or PC LAN configuration should be done to access Openwrt device without error. For accessing any network device and Wireless router your Laptop/PC must have a same series IP Address in LAN properties.

Go  Right click on PC icon right side bottom corner  and click Open Network and Sharing center   

Now click left side Change Adapter setting  

Click  Right click on LAN icon and go to properties

Now click Internet Protocol Version(TCP/IP4 ) properties  and click use the following IP Address  : type or any ip from 2-254 in IP option

Subnet mask will auto assign  now click OK button and again OK button and Close final

Now start configuration OpenWrt Router.


See how to configure LAN IP Address

Open OpenWrt Web interface with Default IP Address.

Open internet browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer and type in URL bar  and hit enter key.

You will OpenWrt page with Authorization Required, put default username and password as given below to login device.

Default Username: root
Password: blank (no password)

OpenWrt Choas charmer Login

Click Login

Change and Set OpenWrt Password First time.

After login you will get a yellow color notification No password set.

To set password click on notification and use the strong password for your router. Next time when you will login you have to use password to login device successfully

Access Point (AP) Mode Configuration

  • Go to Network –> WiFi
  • Click Edit Button

Note: By default in OpenWrt firmware Wireless Disable. Click Enable button in Networkà Wi-Fi to start Wi-Fi signal broadcasting.


openwrt setup wireless access point

        • Mode – N & Legacy
        • Channel – Select Channel as per area interference  and country supported
        • Width – 20Mhz & 40 MHz  ( use 20Mhz if havy interference in location you will use this device. For 40MHz you can use if you have internet connection more the 50Mbps

      Interface Configuration

      • Essid- Put Name for your Wi-Fi network
      • Mode -Access Point

      Click on LAN and UnTik WWAN

openwrt virtual access point

Set Wireless Security, Next Tab of Wireless Security

Recommended WPA2PSK security type to protect strongly you Wi-Fi network from hackers. In additional you can use Mac filtering feature to disallow unknown user to connect your Wi-Fi router if they know your password. Mac filtering option will add extra security layer in your Wi-Fi network protection.

  • Enter Your Wireless Key (WPA-PSK)
  • Use alphanumeric with minimum 8-digit of security key.
tl-wr1043nd openwrt access point
OpenWrt WiFi Security Settings

How to add MAC Filter in OpenWrt Router

To using MAC Access list in OpenWrt router follow then below steps.

  1. Go to Network –Wi-Fi
  2. Edit Wi-Fi interface
  3. Click 3rd tab in Interface Configuration Next to Wireless Security.
  4. Choose the MAC access type.
  5. Allow only MAC listed ( you have to Add Mac address of Client Device you want to only connect to this router. If MAC will not added in list device will disallow Mobile/Laptop.
  6. Not Allow Mac Listed (This option will deny connection of client Mac added to this list. Only Device can connect if MAC not added in this list.


If you have fix user in your home and office who access Wi-Fi network than you should use Allow only MAC Listed. Just add all user Mobile and Laptop Mac id in this list and protect your network from unknown attackers

Click Save & Apply For Settings Changes.


Disable Access Point DHCP before use device in network.

If you are using ADSL router and modem Internet connection you than DHCP server must be disable in OpenWrt Access Point using in network. Enabling DHCP in Access point can be issue with internet browsing because more than one DHCP server can not work in same network. So make sure if your Router or Modem DHCP server enable then disable Access Point DHCP sever.

For DHCP server in OpenWrt follow the given below steps.

  1. Go to Network—Interface
  2. See the green color LAN option click Edit button on same
  3. Scroll your Page to down you will see Disable DHCP server for this interface option
  4. Check the box to disable DHCP server
  5. Click Save and apply

You can also see a user manual step to step for how to Disable DHCP server in Wi-Fi router Powered by OpenWrt firmware. Click below Link

How to Disable DHCP in Openwrt

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