OpenWrt IP and DHCP Configuration Step to Step (with Picture)

OpenWrt Lan and DHCP configuration (Last Updated On: August 17, 2018)

OpenWrt Lan and DHCP configuration.

Before starting OpenWrt Lan and DHCP configuration you must know what is DHCP  in the network and why it used.

DHCP full form is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DHCP is a client-server protocol which is used to provide automatically IP (Internet Protocol) address to the client and other network information like subnet mask, DNS server gateway.

DHCP can be used in small and Large both network to autoconfiguration of IP address from DHCP server (Router) to DHCP client (PC/Laptop/Mobile). If DHCP server is disabled in the router then you have to configure every client manually with IP address, gateway, subnet mask, DNS server, its call manual configuration. But it can be done automatically with DHCP protocol with using auto network configuration.

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The configuration of  DHCP Server in OpenWrt  Routers.

The configuration of Local IP-Address and DHCP Server in OpenWrt required when we are using OpenWrt in Client Router or WISP mode. If you are not familiar with OpenWrt firmware then sometimes it’s become the tuff job to find LAN IP and DHCP option in OpenWrt. We try to make LAN and DHCP configuration easier with Post complete Tutorial for OpenWrt LAN and DHCP configuration.

To open OpenWrt router in your PC/Laptop your PC/Laptop Lan must be in DHCP mode or if using manual IP configuration than it should configure with 192.168.1.x series.

See here… how to configure Laptop/PC Lan IP Address  

  • Default Ip- Address is
    Put Same Series IP-Address in Pc/Laptop (Ex: 192.168.1.x)
    Open Internet Browser and type in address Bar.
    Default Username: root
    Password: blank(no password)

By default OpenWRT Router no password so when you will login the first time it will  give you yellow color notification window “No password set

Recommended setting the password first to protect your router from UN-authorize access.

Click Login  After Login Click Go to password configuration for set new password..

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OpenWrt  Default IP Address Change

To change Default IP address to any other IP series go to top menu and find “Network” option inside network click “Interfaces” Option.

  • Ip Address Change: Go to Network –>Interfaces –> LAN and Edit

Lan Ip change in OpenWrt


After Click on Interfaces, you will get all interface detail of your routers.

Lan interface icon will be in Green Color and WAN interface icon will be in RED color.

To change the LAN IP click Edit button in LAN interfaces.

openwrt multiple dhcp pools

Inside LAN you will get given an option.

LAN Configuration

Protocol: Static address ( leave it as it is).

IPv4 address: ( change New IP address in this box).

IPv4 netmask: choose netmask from the list as per your IP.

IPv4 gateway: you can add your gateway here but for local IP, you can leave it blank.

IPv4Broadcast: Leave it, Blank.

Use Custom DNS server: If you want to add DNS server you can use here.


DHCP Server Configuration

This option will Enable and Disable your router DHCP server. If you are using OpenWRT in AP mode then you should not enable DHCP server but if you are using OpenWRT as a router than DHCP server should Enable.

You can enable and disable your router DHCP option as per configuration of your router.

Ignore Interface: Disable DHCP for this interface

If Checkbox is checked it means DHCP server is Disabled but if CheckBox is Uncheck than DHCP server will Enable and you will Get option given below to configure DHCP server.

Start IP: 2  this IP server will start providing from this number. ( you can use any number of IP as per your network size. Exp: suppose in your network only 10 users working than you can use 2-10 IP address only.

End IP: this will be the last IP server will provide to the client.

OpenWrt DHCP configuration

Click Save & Apply For Settings Changes.

OpenWrt Save Option

If you have changed IP series of your Router LAN IP then you have to use new IP address to open again your router. If you have enabled DHCP server you can use DHCP option in LAN IP of your computer and laptop by using Obtain an IP address automatically from your windows PC.


Network Tips: if you are a Wi-Fi user always use WPA2/PSK security type and you can add Mac access list to protect extra layer in your Wi-Fi security.

After Done with Save & Apply option you have Successfully done OpenWrt Lan and DHCP configuration.

Re-open with New IP-address Whatever you  Changed in LAN.

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