List of Facebook Shortcut code to use faster

List of Facebook imo shortcut code (Last Updated On: November 20, 2018)

List of Facebook imo shortcut code keys.

Today Facebook is the most engage social platform for exchange message and daily thoughts. Every age people sharing their thoughts on the Facebook wall. Commercial company and  Professional people both are using Facebook to marketing their brand and product. So when we engage on Facebook every time then we can be making it faster with some keyboard shortcut. Facebook use to make more interesting when we know some quick shortcode to express below to List of Facebook imo shortcut code. you can also download completer List of Facebook shortcut keys from an official Facebook forum and from various websites.


Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Code to Faster use

Every website and software gives some shortcut keys to use faster. With using keyboard shortcut code you can make your Facebook experience 80% faster than the normal method. This shortcut keyboard code work both on mobile application and web-based. use the facebook symbols shortcut keys to use faster your facebook account.

  • j , k — Scroll between News Feed stories
  • p — Post a new status
  • l — Like or unlike the selected story
  • c — Comment on the selected story
  • s — Share the selected story
  • o — Open attachment of the selected story
  • enter – See more of the selected story
  • / — Search
  • q — Search chat contacts
  • ? — Show this help dialogue

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Facebook operating by keyboard shortcut only. Just open help home, timeline, friends, inbox, notification settings everything with the simple shortcut or keyboard key combinations.

  • Alt + 0 — Help
  • Alt + 1 — Home
  • Alt + 2 — Timeline
  • Alt + 3 — Friends
  • Alt + 4 — Inbox
  • Alt + 5 — Notifications
  • Alt + 6 — Settings
  • Alt + 7 — Activity Log
  • Alt + 8 — About
  • Alt + 9 — Terms
  • Alt + m – New Message

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Facebook Smile Keyboard Shortcut Code

Earlier we update twitter keyboard shortcut code to make quickly social network experience. Get the some more cool smile emotion IMO shortcut code for Facebook. This all shortcut work both on the web and mobile application so keep enjoy interesting imo shortcode. chatting with Facebook emoticons with text make your chat experience interesting and feel you happy to share your own emotion with FB emoticons

Smile 🙂
Frown 🙁
Tongue 😛
Grin 😀
Gasp :O
Wink 😉
Glasses  B-)
Sunglasses B|
Grumpy >:(
Unsure :/
Cry :'(
Devil 3:)
Angel O:)
Kiss :*
Heart <3
KiKi ^_^
Squint -_-
Confused o.O
Confused Reverse o.O
Upset >:O
Pacman :v
Colon Three :3
Christopher Putnam :putnam:
Like (y)
Poop :poop:

Facebook Chat Gif shortcode:

Day by day Facebook improves social network site experience with lots of new features. More than thousand new cool gif emotions added in Facebook and more than 4-5 million gif picture shared every day. You can enjoy gif image with live feeling share experience with your friends. To send gif image you have to go in gif option and type the gif image you want to search.

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How to send Gif image in Facebook Chat

Gif image complete free on Facebook and you can get more than 5 million gif image on Facebook. To send gif image in facebook go chat and see the option gif below typing box.

Open Chat window

Click gif option below chat typing box

List of Facebook Shortcut Keys and Facebook Emoticons


Search the gif type you want to send.

Ie if you want to send happy birthday search same in the search box as shown in image.

To send click on the gif image and to load more drag sidebar in images windows.

Facebook Symbols cool text signs, emoticons & text pictures

Login to Facebook now

This is the basic steps for make you facebook use more quickly than the normal method. You can download complete Facebook shortcode in pdf document to keep it with you always. Don’t forget to subscribe and share the post to your social network site.

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