High Quality (HD+UHD) Video Calling Messenger for Android, Windows,I Phones and Linux

HD Quality Video calling Apps (Last Updated On: October 10, 2018)

Top 5 Best High Quality Video Calling Apps for Smart Phones

Today distance becomes nothing while we can see live video from all over the world at any time. Just because of smartphones. Smart changed human life and communication medium quickly without making any difference between rich and poor people. Technology for all and its make every people special. You always remember the old time whenever misses your loved ones but now you can reach them without missing any second of your life. Get the proved HD Quality Video calling Apps for your smartphones. If you are a boss then you can also use the best video conferencing without physical go to the office in the emergency.

Video calling apps make people closer and remove long distance feeling for forever because with video calling apps you reach every corner of the world without taking more than 1 the second time to get connected with your family friends.

Video Calling Messenger for Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems

initially when video calling feature launched we get poor video quality but now with HD and UHD smartphone video quality will feel you alive closer to your family and friends. Feel every movement alive with start HD video calling with your friend and family.

Whenever you search apps store for video calling apps you may get thousands of video calling application for Android and iOS but you can’t decide which one is the best feature and quality video apps which make you happy whenever you see your family and friend live. so we take your confusion and bring this post for you to decide top 5 best free videos calling application you can use without any confusion. These apps 100% free to use and no video calling time limitation to disconnect the call after finish time limitation.  Do not waste your valuable time to test each and every video app for you just follow this post and use your best time to video call with your love-ones. You can subscribe to get a regular best post for you to keep technology updated always.


6 best High Quality (HD+UHD) Video messenger for Android, Windows and I Phones

1. Skype | Text, Voice and Video Calling Messenger

Skype one of the leader of video and voice calling messenger for android windows and Mac OS.Skype messenger available for personal and business purpose both to use video conferencing to get connected client all over the world. with Skype, you can keep near always with your loved ones and Skype also provides you voice calling over the internet with IP phones. You can also call direct to phone from Skype messenger but you required credit in your account if you want to call Skype to phone. Skype to Skype calling 100% free video and voice both.

skype hd video call skype full hd

Skype gives you feature to text chat and send and receive Picture, Video, Audio, Document from your friends with text chat. Its support Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and IOs Operating systems.

Download Skype for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and I phones 


2. Facebook Messenger | text and Video Calling Messenger

Facebook Messenger become popular quickly in less time. It is already a leading in social networking site and currently millions of user use Facebook to get connect with friends and family. messenger is the best video calling app 100% free for Phone and Desktops.FB messenger Smartphone application support Android, Windows and iOS operating systems. You can easily do video calling to anywhere in the world if your friend and family also using Facebook messenger. You can use text chat send and receive pictures, video and audio file with this messenger. Facebook messenger supports multiple Facebook account in single messenger which make easy to switch your account anytime. You can get manual for how to add multiple Facebook account in same Facebook messenger.

facebook messenger video calling app download

If you are using PC or laptop you can use Facebook messenger web for PC and Laptop. Login to the Facebook messenger from Laptop/PC now


Facebook Messenger for Windows, Linux and Mac OS PC/Laptop

https://www.messenger.com/ | Download Facebook Messenger for Android and IPhones Free Now


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 3. Google Duo | HD Video Calling Apps

 Google Duo is not very old video calling apps but as earlier, its launched its get popular because of high-quality video calling feature. currently, Google Duo support only Android and iOS platform. You and your friends should have Google account to use Google duo video calling apps with whom you want to connect. It is very simple and easy to use. iOS user can download it from Apps store and Android user call get it from Google Play store free of cost. Google Duo already rated for HD Quality Video calling Apps.

how to start hd video calling in google duo


 4. Google Hangout | Free Text and Video calling

Google Hangout messenger upgraded version of Google GTalk which Google decides to shut down after launched Google Hangout. It’s a free text, Voice, and video calling messenger for Androids and I phone platform. You can use hangout in PC and laptop by directly login with your Gmail Account. Google Hangout supports send and receive Picture, Video, Audio, and Document format. If you are looking for high-quality video and audio calling messenger application for your android and I Phone than you can try Google Hangout video chat messenger. using high configuration smart phone then you should use HD Quality Video calling Apps to get full use of your heavy configuration smartphone.

hangout video call in black and white


5. IMO | Free video calls and chat on Android and iPhone

 IMO a free Video Calls and Chat application and messenger for windows operating the system. If you are using android or I phone smartphone then you can also try group video chat with Best Quality Video calling messenger apps.IMO messenger support text chat, audio, and video calling application with some interesting IMO icon emotion to make chat interesting. You can Download IMO messenger application from Google play store and  Apps store for I phone users. Direct download also available on official IMO website for all Android, iOS and Windows users.

best video calling app for android 2017


6. WhatsApp | Free Chat voice and Video Calling Apps

 Today WhatsApp one of the most popular chat messenger apps for smartphones. Its a Peer to Peer connection work through the mobile number. Initially, Whatsapp provides only text chat feature with share image, video and audio file through chat. Now Whatsapp also gives you the best quality video calling feature to get connected with your family and friends without using multiple apps for text, audio, and video chatting. Just you can use Whatsapp single apps for all type of chats.

whatsapp video call cannot hear me iphone


Whatsapp messenger application available for Android, Windows and I Phones user. If you are looking Whatsapp messenger for Windows7, 8.1 and Windows 10 then you can use standalone WhatsApp messenger for your Computer. Another way to use Whatsapp in your Windows and Mac PC and Laptop you can directly use web.whatsapp.com to log in your Whatsapp accounts.

 Download WhatsApp for Android ,I Phone and Windows Now



BestHD video calling app for iPhone, Android taking place quickly because its help to get connected in physical feels.there is many best video and audio calling apps which can get free to use. so just download HD video calling apps and let us give a try and decide the best one for your smartphones. enjoy the face to face video calling with UHD video calling apps and feel your loved one closer always.


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  1. You may also add R-HUB HD video conferencing servers app in the above list. It works on Windows, MAC, Android, iOS etc. and supports upto 30 webcams.

  2. I personally enjoyed calls with Skype and Messenger. Mostly Messenger. Skype feels a bit confusing to use at times. Never tried anything else and I don’t think I ever will.

  3. It is a informative blog as it explains HD quality video calling apps for Androids and ios and window users..Recently i discover a Mobile appnamed MobiLine which is very useful for long distance video calling.It provides high quality video calling with better quality and connectivity.It has very user friendly design to explore new connections and create new videos invetations and introductions.

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