Top 10 Best Video Players for Android, Windows & i Phones

Best Video Players for Android

Best Video Players for Android, Windows, and I Phones Apps Android is the best and most used operating system for mobile today. it provides the most useful feature for every type of work. more than thousands of free mobile applications available in Google Play Store. with the smartphone, we can send within a second video, … Read more

Hide Whatsapp Chat History From Friends with Password Lock

Hide Whatsapp Chat from Friends

How to Hide Whatsapp Chat and picture from Friends This post updated on April 2018 to provide you updated feature added in WhatsApp day by day. Today Whatsapp is a popular Messaging application use for the internet to send messages, images, audio or video in all over the world. Whatsapp becomes more popular with an … Read more

Top 10 Best Mobile Wallets for Android, Windows and i Phones in India

Best Mobile Wallet apps for bank transfer

Best Mobile Wallet Apps in India for Android, I Phones and Windows Phones This post is updated on 02-June-2018 as per coming with the new feature on mobile payment apps. I always try to updated and remove the outdated apps to keep provided only fresh content to the reader. initially when I publish this post  … Read more

Install Mega Shows app for Windows PC

Mega Shows app for PC

Install Mega Shows app for Windows PC Is it even possible to find quality entertainment on mobile for free these days? With the majority of streaming services charging a subscription fee, one can only wonder if there’s anything out there that’s free. Well, the Mega Shows app might just be the answer. There are many … Read more

Mobile Hotspot not working Android Nougat

mobile hotspot not working

Fix android Mobile Hotspot not working in Samsung, moto, Mi phones after changing sim, and making Factory reset. Mobile Hotspot not working Android Nougat A smartphone hotspot turns a portable Wifi zone to share the internet with multiple users. Hotspot connected but no internet showing is a common problem for android phone and I have … Read more