CCTV Camera only showing black and white Video Feed (Solved)

CCTV Camera only showing black and white Video Feed
(Last Updated On: July 2, 2018)

CCTV Camera only showing black and white Video Feed

CCTV a most demanded and safety gadget trending todays. Security require everyone for home, office, street, road, park in every place where we want to capture all the movement.  If you are doing first time CCTV camera installation or you made your DVR factory reset and now your CCTV Camera only showing black and white Video Feed. Don’t worry nothing wrong with DVR and CCTV dome camera only show black & white images.  Displaying Black and white video can be with DVR and NVR also. To solve CCTV DVR and NVR black and White video problem you have to understand first why CCTV camera show black and White video in day also.

Showing black and White video in night is normal because camera support night vision and IR turn your image into black & white even when no light and completely dark area. But if you facing no color video or black and white video only in DVR and NVR in day light than this is setting which can fix easily.

To Fix CCTV Camera only showing black and white Video Feed issue read the post step to step.


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Fix Black and White video on CCTV dome camera from DVR

If your DVR only show black and white video and you have tried all the color setting but can’t fix camera color issue. Before solve CCTV color problem just read why CCTV camera show black and white images only.

In CCTV security camera for home and office all support different signal type.  And DVR also support multiple video format with signal type for home security system with various camera types.

CCTV camera supported signal type


These are different type camera video signal type support by security CCTV camera. So when CCTV camera and DVR signal type should be supported. If camera selected with different signal type than you get black and white camera problem on video. See now how to change CCTV camera AHD, TVI, CVBS and CVI signal type from DVR and camera itself.

Here I am using CP Plus CP-VRA-1E0404 DVR and cosmic IR dome analogue camera. So if you are facing black and white video problem with CP Plus CP-VRA-1E0404 DVR using dome and bullet outdoor camera than follow the steps.

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Fix Black and white video issue from Camera.

Now first I will show you how to solve security camera stuck in night mode problem from camera. To solve Video displaying in black and white only check your camera having a reset button.

  1. BNC connector for video
  2. DC socket for Power
  3. Reset button for mode switch and factory default camera.


Steps:  now see the video in DVR and press button for 3 second and check when your video show colour than release button.

You can switch TVi,CVI, CVBS mode for camera as supported by DVR will show video proper.

swann camera only black and white



Fix Black and white video issue from DVR.

If there is no reset button in your CCTV camera than don’t worry you can also change setting from DVR also.

Connect Display to DVR.


Right click  mouse to open settings menu

Click the Signal Type from List

color cctv camera showing black and white


  1. Choose AHD and click OK check your video if its color now than keep it.
  2. TVi- try this option for your camera and check the color
  3. CVBS – Try now this setting and check color
  4. CVI- for cosmic analogue camera try this setting.
  5. Auto- if you don’t know about camera signal type just click auto and let camera DVR detect signal from camera

Hikvision DS-7208HGHI-SH - Cameras displaying B&W


I have describe all the signal type because I don’t know which camera your using when facing color problem on DVR . so simple way to fix black and white video issue try all the option and keep right one.

I hope your home security camera systems color problem fix with this post. You can comment if still problem persist to get more solution. You can share and like our page to encourage us to post more informative tutorials.

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