How to Clear Salesforce Certification Exams: ADM-201 and ADM-211?

How to Clear Salesforce Certification Exams: ADM-201 and ADM-211?

Marketability, competence, and relevance—a Salesforce certification has all these career benefits combined. Having this eminent credential speaks of an employee’s willingness to stay up-to-date on the Salesforce domain. Over the years, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) company has edged out a certification track that has been immensely useful to administrators, consultants, specialists, app builders, developers, and many other professionals.

Two certifications that are most popular among Salesforce professionals are the Salesforce Certified Administrator and the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification. Moreover, they comprise the Salesforce Certified Administrator program. So, the Salesforce Certified Administrator demonstrates a professional’s command of the Salesforce platform. If you’ve successfully attained this credential, then you can proceed in pursuing the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator. Each certification comes with its own exam, namely ADM-201 and ADM-211. Let’s discuss each of them below Read Here for More.

All about Exam ADM-201

Candidates who want to earn the Salesforce Certified Administrator credential must pass ADM-201 exam, which comprises 60-questions. Consequently, one must have mastery in customizing, configuring, and maintaining the Salesforce platform and its applications, among other tasks.

This Salesforce Administrator test must be completed within 105 minutes. To pass the exam, you must reach the pass mark of 65%. Additionally, the registration fee costs $200 and there are no prerequisites required in taking this test. A course attendance, however, is recommended for candidates to use as a study tool. By the way, you’re not allowed to access any educational resource during the exam.

Recommended Materials

Getting high marks on the exam is possible with all the right study materials on the table. Your choice of materials is basically the foundation of your success. Hence, it is important to start by carefully canvassing the best ADM-201 materials. To launch your ADM-201 preparation journey, let’s first begin with:

  • Trailhead Academy Course

There can be no better path than Trailhead in studying Salesforce. Needless to say, it’s important to first study with a book, a course material, or a study guide before heading for a practice exam. Well, what’s there to test if there’s none in the testing box, right? Now, Salesforce is ever-dynamic and is constantly absorbing new features. A 5-day course with Trailhead Academy gets you around the topics of the exam. This can be either in virtual or in-person. Moreover, this course will let you gain a stable and real-world understanding of Salesforce.

After you’re done reaping knowledge, it’s time to measure your readiness with a quality practice exam. There’s just no way for you to go head for ADM-201 without trying the Premium Bundle found at PrepAway. Perhaps the most useful material is its collection of thoroughly-discussed lectures. Aside from these, PrepAway has a load of practice questions and answers that will prepare you for your upcoming exam even with a limited amount of time and practice. The practice test simulates the real exam experience.

  • Quizlet Flashcards

Swallowing all topics at once can’t always be effective. Sometimes, learning about the exam is best done slowly, yet surely, through a flashcard. Quizlet has a learning supply of flashcards that will help you dissect each essential topic covered in the exam. These are shared by the community of Salesforce professionals.

All about Exam ADM-211

Another well-known certification offered by Salesforce is the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification. To secure this exam, you must first clear its qualifying exam, which is known as ADM-211. This is a higher-level exam for administrators who already have experience in Salesforce and the knowledge in administration. A candidate for this certification test must then possess advanced administrator skills. If the capabilities you had in passing ADM-201 were at the basic level, the skills you must showcase in this exam have to be masterful. This applies to how you use best practices, advanced features, administration functions as well as understand application capabilities.

Moreover, the format of ADM-211 is basically like ADM-201. Completion time must be within 105 minutes and the passing score is 65%. It also consists of 60 questions that are either in the multiple-choice style. However, taking the exam has a prerequisite which is the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification, as mentioned above.Recommended Materials

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For both ADM-201 and ADM-211 exams, there are no official practice tests to be found. Don’t worry because we’ve compiled a few most reliable practice test sources that you can get training from. Among the best materials used by successful passers of ADM-211 are listed below.

  • PrepAway Premium Bundle

A trustworthy online platform, known as PrepAway offers Premium bundles for ADM-201 and ADM-211 exams. Each package contains a great number of exam questions and answers that are checked by IT experts. The amazing feature is that you can practice the questions unlimited times. In addition, the package includes a highly informative training course. The cost of such a bundle is about $35. Along with premium bundles, PrepAway offers exam files free of charge. It’s a great option, especially if you are on a tight budget. Note, that such files are uploaded by the real exam takers. This website is worth checking as it’s extremely helpful in studying for your Salesforce exam.

  • Salesforce ADM-211 (Advanced Administrator) Certification Exam Syllabus

This is an all-in-one preparation guide for the Advanced Administrator exam. The objectives are examined in this material so that you won’t miss a single important thing in the exam. It also provides a run-through of the possible questions of the actual ADM-211 exam and also allows you to get used to the real test environment.

  • Salesforceben’s Certified Advanced Administrator Quiz

As an experienced Salesforce Administrator, your knowledge of the exam must step up. Hence, you must only access materials that will give you advanced Salesforce knowledge. The ADM-211 quiz provided in Salesforceben is designed to give what a seasoned Administrator needs to know. Its 20-question quiz enables you to determine whether you can reach the 65% mark needed in passing the actual exam. Sign up for Salesforceben and regularly practice its mock test at the same time read informative articles related to Salesforce.


The secret to cracking both Salesforce exams is by learning wholeheartedly the Salesforce Administrator role and the job that comes along with it. By utilizing the aforementioned study materials, you won’t be having a hard time getting both the Salesforce Certified Administrator and the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certifications.

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