5 Best File Sharing Apps for Android,I Phone and Windows

best apps for file transfer from android to Mac

Are you still using old slower Bluetooth technology to transfer your photos and videos in the latest phones? just be updated and use the 100x time faster android file transfer apps to save your time as well as the quality of pictures and movies you transfer. get the best shares apps to send files to … Read more

OpenWrt IP and DHCP Configuration Step to Step (with Picture)

OpenWrt Lan and DHCP configuration

OpenWrt Lan and DHCP configuration. Before starting OpenWrt Lan and DHCP configuration you must know what is DHCP  in the network and why it used. DHCP full form is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DHCP is a client-server protocol that is used to provide automatically IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to the client and other network information … Read more

How to Configure OpenWRT Wifi Router WISP

OpenWrt Client Router Setup

OpenWrt WISP Repeater Mode Setup  OpenWrt is an open-source firmware developed for various brand routers. You can get rid of your router manufacturer firmware by upgrading OpenWrt firmware on it. OpenWrt firmware developed by a large team with many performance experiments to get the best result and make supercharge any brand routers. see the full … Read more

OpenWrt Access Point Mode Configuration step by step

OpenWrt Access Point Mode Configuration

OpenWrt Access Point Mode Configuration OpenWrt is an open source firmware under GNU licenses to developed by OpenWRT core team to provide the additional feature for OEM Brand routers to speedup router performance more than default firmware. you can download your router supported firmware from OpenWRT table of hardware. keep in mind wrong firmware upload … Read more