Ring Range Extender Setup, Troubleshooting And Review

Ring Range Extender Setup and Factory Reset Manual

Ring Range extender setup or Ring Alarm Range extender that increases the range of your ring alarm security system and you can enhance the security of your home and office. The ring range extender is simple to setup and easy to use when you want to extend your Ring alarm range.

set up a ring range extender using Ring apps where you already added your other ring devices. Ring Range Extender pro or Ring alarm Range Extender both directly pluggable to a power wall socket and auto-configured from Ring apps. Ring Range extender device supports battery backup so if power Fails still ring extender will work up to 24-hour battery backup.

You can buy a new ring extender device if you want to increase the range of your Ring alarm security system and not get a range of the Ring base station to every area. Ring range extender is a simple and easy device to boost the range of your ring alarm security system and you can fix range issues using Ring range extender.

How To Setup Ring Range Extender?

Ring Range Extender Setup


Setting up a Ring range extender is just 4 four-step process that does not require technical skill. Ring range extender setup using the Ring app is simple and a faster method. If you already use the Ring security system and added your ring alarm devices and base station to the Ring app,  you need to follow the steps by step for the Ring Range Extender Setup and troubleshooting.

  • Open Ring Android or iOS app. If first time using the Ring device then install the app, create your account and proceed to set up the Ring extender device.
  • Go to the option Setup a device.
  • Choose Ring Range Extender.
  • To connect the Range Extender base station just scan your Extender device’s back side code.
  • It would help if you had a pin to connect the Extender device check the device box or back side sticker for the pin.
  • Plug in your Ring extender device to a power outlet and power the ON switch.
  • Monitor extender LED light for connection status.
  • When the Extender LED glows a Blue solid, that means the device is connected to the Base station.
  • After connection, you have to find a proper placement for your ring extender device.

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Where To Place Ring Range Extender?

After Ring Range Extender Setup another important thing to consider is the Placement of the ring extender device is important to extend the network range in every area. You have to find a centralized place between the ring base station and ring device in the location low signal problem.

  • Do not place it under the table or inside any cupboard.
  • Place ring alarm range extender 4-5 ft above the floor so the range is not obstructed by any objects available in the room.
  • Use both Antenna toward the up direction for proper signal strength.
  • ring alarm range extender distance from the Ring base station should not be too far so the extender device at least gets 50% signal.

Placement of the ring z wave extender, ring alarm range extender 2nd gen, and ring alarm range extender 1st gen follow the same steps.

How Do I Know If Ring Range Extender Is Working?

If you not sure if your Ring Range extender working or not then you have to check the first ring if the range extender is offline or online and shows a solid blue light that shows the connected status. Open ring apps and check if the Ring extender showing online status on the App.

To confirm the working status just check whether the ring alarm device near the range extender working or not, if they showing offline in ring app it means the ring extender is not connected to the base station so the ring alarm device near the extender not working.

How to Factory Reset Ring Range Extender?

factory reset ring range extender helps you to configure the Ring range extender device again if it’s already setup with a different ring account and you want to change location. Reset ring extender fix many connectivity and instability issues. Follow the steps below to reset the ring extender device to default mode.

  • Power ON Ring Signal booster device first.
  • Press and hold the push button.
  • See the Blue LED light start blinking rapidly.
  • Wait until the Blue LED light stops blinking.
  • Release the push button when the Blue LED light stops blinking.
  • Ring extender device will erase all configuration and the default setting will be restored.
  • You need to setup the ring wifi repeater device again by following the above steps.

Does Ring Range Extender Work For Doorbell?

No, the ring range extender will not work with Doorbells and ring cameras it only works with Ring alarm systems. If you looking ring extender for ring doorbells and Ring cameras to extend range then you should go with a ring chime pro extender device that works with cameras as well as doorbells.

However, if you already using any third-party Wi-Fi signal booster such as Netgear, Linksys, or any other then you can use a ring doorbell and camera to connect using a third-party range extender.

Ring Range Extender Flashing Blue Light

After Ring Range Extender Setup If your ring range extender flashes blue light that means the ring extender is in setup mode and trying to connect to the network. flashing blue light will stop after a successful connection with the network and it will turn solid blue light.

Ring Range Extender Reviews

Ring devices provide you with a security layer on your home and office that makes you feel safe. If you already using multiple ring devices such as cameras, doorbells, and other Ring security devices then the Ring range extender device helps you to extend the range of your ring alarm device that you want to add in the location where the Ring base station range is not reachable but you need to want to ring an alarm.

You can find Ring rang extender reviews over many different Ecom sites as well as user reviews those are already using Ring security devices and you just want to ensure before buying it that it works for your requirement or not.

Ring Range Extender Battery Replacement

If the ring range extender battery is dead or does not give proper backup and after powering off Ring is offline in a few minutes then your ring extender device battery needs replacement. You can find compatible batteries as per your ring alarm extender device from the ring outlet or from the official ring device website or service center to avoid using the wrong battery replacement that may damage your ring range booster.

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