How to Configure UBNT Rocket M2 as Access Point Mode

UBNT Rocket M5 Configuration Best Base Station Access Point

About Ubiquiti Network

Ubiquiti Network is a Wireless Networking Product manufacturer company of San Jose located in California’s. Ubiquiti network also known short name of UBNT.  Its provide low cost and high range wireless product for small and enterprise label wireless networking solution. UBNT product useful for local internet service provider for providing client end last mile connectivity solution. UBNT Rocket M5 Configuration Best and Easy Tutorials for beginners

Difference between Ubiquiti Rocket M2 & Rocket M5

UBIQUITI-ROCKETM2 M5 Configuration

Do not Confuse with UBNT Rocket m2 and UBNt Rocket m5 Device difference if you are start using ubnt product first time . Difference is only Frequency band because Rocket M2 means it support 2.4 GHz Frequency and Rocket M5 is 5Ghz Frequency Channel device. 2.4 Frequency Used for Indoor Wi-Fi and mobile, Laptop support only 1-11 channel (2412~2462) 5Ghz band use for outdoor long range point to point (back-haul) and point multi point connectivity. UBNT Rocket M5 Configuration Read More.

Rocket M2/M5 Access Point Mode Configuration

  • Ubiquiti (UBNT) Default IP- Address is
    Put Same Series IP-Address in Pc/Laptop (Ex :192.168.1.x)
    Open Internet Browser and type in address Bar .
    Default Username : ubnt
    Password : ubnt

UBNT Rocket M2 WDS mode Configuration

Wireless Configuration

  • Go to Wireless Tab
  • Wireless Mode : Access Point
  • Frequency MHz : Set Channel as per area interference
  • Wireless Security : Set Wireless Security for Network Protection

UBNT AIrgrid Configuration for Point to Point

Click Change and then Apply

Lan Setting

UBNT Rocket M5 LAN settings

  • Network Mode : Bridge
  • Network IP Address : Static / DHCP
  • IP Address : set IP Address here

UBNT AirMAX Settings

airMAX Setting is ubiquiti network proprietary feature. if you enable this feature then its not allow you to use third party client device associate with ubnt device. so if you want to use third party client device then make sure airMAX setting is disabled from main tab.

How to Enable Airmax in UBNT

UBNT Rocket M2/M5 Status

Status page show all information of device settings, mode, Mac ID , CCQ and connectivity status with signal.

UBNT Bandwidth Testing

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