UBNT airFiber AF5 Full Duplex 5Ghz Point to Point Configuration.

UBNT airFiber one of the best high throughput 11 ac Point to point wireless connectivity solution for telecom and local ISP. To get better performance and high-speed wireless connectivity you need to proper ubnt airfiber af5 point to point configuration with proper channel selection to avoid interference.

UBNT airFiber AF5 Point to Point Configuration with Full Duplex

UBNT is a well know name of Wireless Manufacturing industry. After Success Full point to point wireless device now producing CCTV camera, Network switch and long-range high throughput point to point Wireless solutions. Ubiquity Network claims 1.2+Gbps Throughput with 100+ KM Point to Point Wireless connectivity solution for AirFiber series. There are many good wireless solutions already performing good produced by airFiber with the low-cost product. UBNT especially design product for ISP and Telco,s. This post not confirming airFiber performance and distance with speed claiming by UBNT. This post is only for helping technical persons for ubnt airfiber af5 point to point configuration and describing basic features about air Fiber Series. AirFiber5 means 5Ghz band and AirFiber 24 mean 24Ghz band which device working frequency for wireless connectivity.

airFiber AF5 and AF5u series working mode for Link Planning

Although airFiber AF5 and AF5u both are the same devices. So you can plan airFiber with Different working mode supported by the airFiber series.

  1. ubnt airfiber af5 point to point configuration Connectivity

In point to Point connectivity, two airFiber radio will be configured. One airFiber radio will configure with Master mode for Location A and Second airFiber radio will be in slave mode for Location B

AirFiber Point to Point configuration Manual

1: Daisy Chain :

Daisy chain is nothing but used like relay for extending a Point to Point link to increase the distance. In this mode, both nodes should be configured in the same mode at the same location. Exp: if location A configured with Master then daisy chain radio must be configured in master mode. See below picture to understating clearly.

What is Daisy Chain in airFiber Radio

2: Ring Configuration:

The ring stands for a redundant wireless path to avoiding network down depending on the single point to point connectivity. In-Ring use multiple radios to create a ring path if one path will down then the network will be connected through other paths without goes down. One AirFiber radio will configure as Master and the second configure as Slave.

ubiquiti airfiber 5u configuration

airFiber AF5 Connection with Laptop/PC.

  1. Slide Down airFiber back cover to access Ethernet ports.
  2. Connect Ethernet Port to Data Port of airFiber.

airfiber 5 link calculator

3. Connect the cable from Data port to PoE Adapter PoE port in GigaPoE Adapter.

4. Connect the Management port of airFiber to Laptop/PC.

airfiber 24 configuration

  1. Configure Laptop/PC Ethernet port with Static Ip address 192.168.1.x series.

See how to configure Pc/Lapotp Ethernet Port for Static IP.


AirFiber AF5 Login with Web Browser.

AirFiber Default IP Address:

Default username: “ubnt”

Default Password: “ubnt”

  1. Open Web Browser and Type and use username and password is ubnt/ubnt to login airFiber 5.

Choose your country and Language and Click Login Button below

airFiber first time login IP Address

AirFiber AF5/AF5U  Master Mode Configuration

For AirFiber AF5 Point to Point Configuration one device will be configured as Master mode and the second device will be configured as a Slave.


After Login First airFiber Radio configures the setting given below.

  1. Click on WIRELESS
  2. Wireless Mode: Master  ( Choose First Device Mode Master)
  3. Link Name: Use Any name for your Point to Point Link Name.

4.. Duplex:  Half Duplex The default mode. The TX and RX Frequencies can be the same or different to suit local interference.

  • Full Duplex The TX and RX Frequencies should be different.
  1. if you want to change the Output Power and/or Maximum Modulation Rate settings.
  2. TX Frequency. This must match the RX Frequency on your other airFiber radio.
  3. RX Frequency. This must match the TX Frequency of your other airFiber radio.
  4.  Wireless Security: set password for Point to Point link Security.


Click Change And Apply Settings

 ubiquiti airfiber Antenna alignment


airFiber AF5 IP Address Configuration

airFiber configures with default IP  so every device must have a unique  IP Address. In point to point radio, both location airFiber devices should have different IP Addresses. You can Change IP Address from Network tab follow below instruction.

  1. Click on the Network tab
  2. Management IP Address: choose Static or DHCP
  3. DHCP Fallback IP: Change IP Address here & Subnet mask
  4. Click Change and Apply

airfiber af-5x throughput testing

AirFiber AF5/AF5U  Slave Mode Configuration :

Configure the Second device in  Slave mode for point to point connectivity.

Follow above Option to connection and login second airFiber Radio to configure as a slave.

After the login device follows the configuration given below to establish connectivity with the Master.


AirFiber AF5 IP Address Configuration  in Slave Device

You must change the default IP Address in the salve device to avoid IP conflict with the Master device.

Follow the option given above  airFiber AF5 IP Address Configuration


 airFiber AF5 Slave Radio Wireless configure.

  1. Click on WIRELESS
  2. Wireless Mode: Slave  ( Choose Second Device Mode Slave)
  3. \zLink Name: Use the Same name used in Master Device.

4.. Duplex:  Use the same duplex set in Master Device

  1. TX Frequency. Use the same Frequency configured in Master Device.
  2. RX Frequency. Use same Frequency configured in Master Device.
  3. Configure the Wireless Security: use password set in Master Device


Click Change And Apply Settings

 airFiber 5x vlan Configuration

airFiber AF5 Point to Point Connectivity Status

After complete Master and Slave configuration, you can see the Link Quality, CCQ and Throughput Status in the Main page of AirFiber AF5 and AF5U

airfiber 5x problems

I try to make as simple as I can read the manual for ubnt airfiber af5 point to point configuration if you still missing something you can look video given below to configure your airFiber device.

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