MI Note Network Not Showing After Upgrade to MIUI 8 (Solved)

RedMi Note 3 Not Showing network (Last Updated On: June 13, 2018)

Redmi Note No network after upgrading MIUI 8 ( Solved)

RedMi Note 3 Not Showing network  common issue when upgrading MI note to MIUI 8 with latest version. no network show in 2g network and some phone not showing 4G network. if you are also  struggling after upgrading  your mi note phone to latest version then now you are on right place here you will get 100% working solution for your smart phones problems. Network issue can be generate because network not registering automatic to network or phone not have network registration detail in network option. apply given steps one by one to solve your  redmi note 4g network problem.

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Jio not showing 4G network on Red mi Note 4

1. Reset Default Network settings from phone settings.

if you are facing internet issue in your Redmi note after upgrading  miui8 than please follow the steps given below to reset APN settings in your phone.

Jio network 4G not showing also solved with this method.

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. click on mobile networks
  3. 3. Access points Name
  4. Click “Reset to default”.

redmi note 4g no service

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redmi note 3 network issue solution


After resetting APN setting if still not showing 4G network please restart phone and check again.


RedMi Note 3 Not Showing network after Upgrading MIUI 8

If you have upgraded MIUI 8 and not showing full signal in 3G and 4G then you can try this steps.

  1. Go to Phone Settings
  2. Click on Additional Setting
  3. Go to Backup & reset option
  4. Click on Factory Data Reset (Make sure you can backup you phone All data before proceed to Factory Reset. After Factory reset you can not Recover your data)
  5. “Reset phone”

 redmit note 3data connection problem

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xiaomi mobile data not working

Downgrade Red MI Note MIUI 8 to MIUI 7.

After applying method 1 & 2 if still problem not solve then now you have to revert your Flash rom to MIUI 8 to MIUI 7. This method will 100% work for network issue on all Mi note smart phones.See How to Downgrade MIUI 8 to MIUI 7

  1. Download MIUI 7 from MI official website.

Click here to Download MIUI 7 NOW

After click link choose your phone Model and Download MIUI 7.


2.If you have Download MIUI 7 in your pc then please connect  Phone to PC and Move file to Phone Storage ->Download_rom

3.If you have Download MIUI 7 in Phone then Move it From Download foler to  Download_rom folder inside Phone Storage.


MIUI 8 to MIUI 7 Downgrade Process.

  1. Phone Settings
  2. Go to About Phone
  3. System Update
  4. in Next option you will get MIU 8 Logo see the 3vertical  dot(.) click on that and  Click choose update Package
  5. Browse the download_rom folder where you have save MIUI7 zip file.

Device will reboot and Upgrading process start it will take aprox 5-10 minut to reverting MIUI8 to MIUI7 .

Conguratulation ! on RedMi Note 3 Not Showing network issue 

MI Note upgrade to MIUI 9


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redmi note 3 update nougat

MIUI 7 Not working After Downgrade from MIUI 8

After Downgrading MIUI 8 to MIUI 7 if your phone not starting proper or crashing android apps. Please follow given option to solve crashing issue

Reboot MI note phone and Press Power+Volume UP key together.

Device will go to Recovery mode.

  1. Choose Language: English or your choice

2.click Wipe all Data & reset

  1. Device will reboot and your MI Note will be option as brand new factory mode


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