How to increase mobile signal up to 90%  in Basement and Home

how to increase airtel signal inside house

Are you facing low signal or call drop problem since 4G networks come due to poor signal. you can improve your mobile quality and signal strength up to 90% for your home and office. read the ful post to know solution about How to increase mobile signal for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.


How to increase mobile signal up to 90%  in your home

Low mobile signal one of the common problem with every operator if your home in the congested area and there is no mobile tower near you. You may also face week signal after launched 4G in India. Every operator claims that they have the strongest network coverage but in some area, it’s not justified. If your office in the basement or home in the ground with limited Size Street than you must face call drop issue on 2G and 3G but no signal on 4G? Today in this post I will explain how you can increase your 4G signal in your home dark area or inside rooms. To boost your 4G signal inside your home first you should understand why the signal goes down when mobile go inside the house. We try to give you the best way how to increase mobile signal in the basement.

2G, 3G, and now 4G LTE upgrading technology but no service area still as it is. Your question is why 2G, 3G, and 4G do not work properly inside the home when it’s work on your terrace and near windows. The answer is getting low mobile signal Couse of the mobile tower is far from your home and your house street area are not enough wide to penetrate the nearest mobile signal inside the wall.

What happened if No service or Low Signal in Mobile

Your smartphone turned into a music player when there is no mobile signal available to use call and internet. See the disadvantage of no service in the smartphone and low signals.

1: Frequent Call Drop

2: Slow internet or No internet

3: No Network Error on Number Dial

3: Can’t send SMS. (Failed SMS)

You can increase up to 35% signal with simple steps which usually you ignore in your home. Don’t be surprised about how to boost mobile signal without any booster and mobile repeater. See the simple steps to increase the mobile signal in the home.


1:- If you always close your Windows than keep windows open to receiver mobile signal from the nearest mobile tower. If you are using Dual glasses windows than you must keep it open to increase mobile signal.

2:- Keep your phone always charged because low battery also decreases the power of the signal.

3: Try the 2G network inside the home if you keep mobile on 4G LTE. The 2G network has band lower than 4G so it’s more strongly penetrate the house walls.

4: Use the device to increase the mobile signal with a Wi-Fi connection. In some country this type of device available which allow you to connect your call through Wi-Fi network when the Mobile signal not there.

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 How to Increase Mobile signal with the Mobile Booster.

Once you have tried all the above steps but still no signal or low signal in the basement or building corridor area. You can use the mobile signal booster to increase your 2G, 3G and 4G signal in basement and house area where you have the low mobile tower.

How mobile booster work for boosting the mobile signal.

There are many companies produce mobile booster which works for all operators to increase the signal inside the home and hotel corridor and also in the basement.

We will strongly be recommended you contact your service provider to add the mobile booster in your home to get better connectivity. Alongside you can also get the third part mobile booster to boost your 4G network by up to 90%. If you are searching how to increase Airtel 4G signal and Vodafone 4G signal in the basement and home indoor area than many mobile repeaters work with mostly all operator to increase the signal strength up to 90%.


How to install the Mobile booster for All Operated Signal increase.

If you have Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Jio, and any other operator but limited or no connectivity when moving inside the room and basement.

Get the complete Mobile booster installation for solution low signal mobile network at home and office basement or hotels corridors.

how to improve airtel mobile signal

Go to the top of your house and find the Nearest Mobile tower location.

Now take the mobile booster antenna (Yagi antenna) and set the direction toward the mobile tower.

Now connect the cable from Yagi antenna to mobile booster install inside the home.

Power on the booster and connect out connector cable coming from Yagi antenna and in connector connect the mobile splitter to connect the mobile antenna to multiple locations with the single mobile booster.

You can use the Omni antenna and patch antenna as per your choice and are you facing no mobile signal or low mobile signal on 4G networks.

How Many Type Mobile Antenna Available and Best for Home use

There are many types of mobile antenna available which use to increase the signal on no service area. Basically, mobile antenna only uses with the mobile booster you can’t connect mobile antenna without using the booster to get the mobile signal from the tower and repeat it.

  • Omni Antenna
  • Yagi Antenna
  • Patch Antenna
  • Mini Mag Mount CB Mobile Antenna
  • Wall Mount antenna


Check Airtel Tower in your Area Now 

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