TP-Link CPE220/CPE210 Wireless Access Point Configuration First time (2018)

TPLink CPE 220 and CPE210 ap mode configuration (Last Updated On: March 13, 2019)

TPLink CPE 220 and CPE210 AP mode configuration

TPLink CPE220 and CPE210 both are similar wireless Access Point with 9dBi and 12dBi antenna gain. CPE-220 is 300Mbps Wireless device supported multi mode such as Access point, Repeater, WISP, and AP Router. TP-Link Wireless product comes with same and user friendly GUI interface.Both device can be used for outdoor Access Point as well as point to point connectivity. CPE220 support 2X2 mimo antenna which gives 300Mbps wireless speed and 27dBm Transmit power increase the signal coverage area for outdoor hotspot. In this post we try to make a user friendly and easiy tutorial for TPLink CPE 220 and CPE210 ap mode configuration with picture.

If we look physical hardware than TP-Link TL-CPE220 have 12dBi mimo antenna and 2 Lan port. Device support 24Volt passive poe from Lan 0. CPE210 fully weather proof IPX5 waterproof Certification and pole mounting back clamp.

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TP-Link CPE210 2.4Ghz Outdoor Device Repeater Mode Configuration

TPLink 2.4Ghz High Power Outdoor CPE Connection Diagram

TP-Link Outdoor CPE device having 2 LAN port but PoE enabled only LAN 0 . Connect LAN 0 to PoE Out Port in PoE adapter comes with Device. PoE adapter LAN port will connect to Laptop or Computer Lan port.

How to Configure the Repeater Mode on the Pharos device

TP-Link CPE220/CPE210 300Mbps Outdoor CPE Login First time

Before Starting Configuration TPLink CPE220 you should know the default settings first. You can also find default setting in device cap and manual comes with device. well you can also find TP-Link CPE220 Default settings here.

TP-Link CPE Default IP address is

TP-Link CPE DeviceDefault username – admin

Default password – admin

Use the 192.168.0.X series ip address in your PC/Laptop LAN IP. Exp- you can use in your laptop or computer LAN IP address.

Type in web browser and press enter.

WBS510 5GHz 300Mbps Outdoor Wireless Base Station configuration

After Login your will Licenses agreement and option first time and have to accept it to login process.

1: Username: admin (Default username)

Password: admin (Default password)

Language: choose your country language

2: I agree to these terms – check this option

3: click Login

CPE510 5GHz 300Mbps 13dBi Outdoor CPE

Next Steps will ask for change default password  and username first.

1: New User Name: Type new username if you want to change default username.

New Password: Type new password in this box

Confirm Password: type again new password to confirm match

2: Click Finish button (press this button once you have confirm all settings correctly)

TP-LINK Pharos MAXtream TDMA configuration

After changes username and password you will be logout and have to login again with new username and password you changed.

Type change password and click Login button to enter in  web interface.

TP-LINK CPE220 2.4GHz 300Mbps 12dBi Outdoor CPE

TP-Link 300Mbps Outdoor CPE Configuration Status

TP-Link outdoor 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz CPE Wireless cpe landing page is  status page. In status page you can see all configuration detail and CPU and Memory usage status. You will get Wireless setting as well as connected client, Network, and Hardware information in status page.

TP-Link AC500 Wireless Controller

TP-Link 5G and 2.4G CPE 300Mbps Outdoor CPE Quick Setup

TP-Link all device software comes with Quick Setup option to make step to step configuration for non-technical parson. Quick Setup wizard assist you step to step configuration with wireless, Network and other configuration. But in this post we will see TP-Link  outdoor AP/CPE device configuration in manual mode without quick setup.

binatoe C200 2.4Ghz outdoor CPE

In Manual mode first you have to choose router mode from operation option in top. In this post we are going to configure TP-link CPE220 in AP mode so we choose Access Point mode.

Operation Mode – Access Point Mode

tp-link cpe220 pppoe service name

TP Link  Outdoor CPE Device Wireless Configuration

Once you have chosen Access Point in operation mode now you have to set SSID and wireless password.

Go to Wireless Tab to open wireless settings.

2:   Basic Wireless Settings.

Mode:  802.11 a/n for 5G device and b/g/n for 2.4 GHz device.

Channel Width: choose 20/40 mix to auto speed

Max TX Rate : keep it with maximum speed.

Channel/Frequency: in 2.4 GHz choose 1,6,11 channel no and in 5Ghz use the spectrum analyzer to see free and less interference channel.

Antenna gain – use the device antenna in this box (if you are using CPE220 use 12 and for CPE210 use 9dBi)

Transmit power: use the transmit power as per area size to reduce interference

Max Stream: Enable it only if you are using both sides TP-Link device.

Apply Setting after all done.

3: Wireless Settings

Wireless Radio: enable (it should enable)

SSID– use SSID (This will be Wi-Fi network name)

Enable Broadcast – Make sure this option should check mark otherwise you cannot see your Wi-Fi name.

Security Mode- Choose the WPA2/PSK security mode to make your Wi-Fi protect from others.

Radius Mac Authentication– if you are using Radius server for authentication you can enable this option.

Multi SSID– you can also use multi SSID by adding virtual SSID in this option.

Apply Setting after all configurations done and make save changes.

tp-link wireless configuration utility windows 10

TP-Link  300Mbps Outdoor AP/CPE LAN IP Configuration.

Every device comes with a default IP address of OEM series so always recommended to change default IP address in first login. Using default IP can be slow down your network if you use more than one same access point  due to IP conflict issue.

To change TP-Link  C500 and CPE220 IP Address is quite easy.

Go to Network tab to enter in LAN configuration.

Connection Type: choose Static

IP Address: change this IP address to any other IP you wish to use

Netmask– use netmask as changed IP series.

Gateway and DNS: you can leave it blank or can use your internet gateway and DNS.

tp-link cpe220 network configuration

TP-Link  Outdoor 2.4Ghz CPE Remote Access Setting

To access remotely  outdoor CPE you have to enable web remote login option in management settings.

Go to Management-Web server option in last of page.

Secure Connection (HTTPS)- Enable this option

Server Port– use the Port number here to access remotely with this port.

Remote Login IP Address– gives IP Address for Remote access of CPE device

Session Timeout- you can set session timeout for safety purpose.

Mac Authentication- This option will more security for your remote access session with only allow MAC you can access TP-Link CPE210 from remote.

how to enable remote setting in tp-link cpe220

After All Settings made you will get a pop-up for apply all changes and device will reboot to save changes.

Click Save button.

TL-MR3020 Portable 3G/4G Wireless N Router

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