Tenda Router Login and Setup First Time

Tenda N301 Wireless Router Configuration

This post contains an easy user guide for Tenda N301 Wireless Router Configuration for Different internet types such as PPPoE mode, Static Mode, and DHCP mode. follow the steps to set up your Tenda 300Mbps wifi router proper configurations.

Tenda N301 Wireless Router Configuration and setup first time

Tenda technology is the leading supplier of networking devices and types of equipment based on Shenzhen and Chengdu, China. Tenda technology produced Wireless Access point, Network Switch, Power Adapter, and other networking products. This post Describes you about Tenda N301 Dual Omni Antenna Wireless indoor router setup and configuration. Tenda N301 11n Wireless Router having 4 Physical RJ45 port, 1 WAN port to connect with ISP,3 Lan port to use computer, and desktop to the wired internet connection. Tenda N301 having 1 WPS push button to connect without wifi password to WPS enabled Devices. 1 DC jack to the power device. N301 is a low cost-effective wireless router for the small home to get signal and wireless connectivity for 3-4 Wi-Fi users. Apart from router mode Tenda N301 router Repeater mode can use for increase low wifi signal in the dark spots.

Tenda Wireless Router Connection with Direct internet Cable Diagram

As per followed connection diagram connect  DC jack to Power adaptor included with Router box accessories, connect  LAN cable to LAN port to Desktop or Laptop LAN port. Wan port will be connected to the cable coming from your internet service providers. Please see below picture to know “how to connect Tenda N301 11N wireless Router Direct Internet Cable”


Tenda N301 11N WiFi router connection setup

Tenda N301 11N Wireless Router Connection Via Modem Diagram

If you are using ADSL Modem for the internet then please connect WAN port to Modem LAN port. Lan port to PC/Laptop to configuration Router. Please see below picture to know “how to connect Tenda N301 11N wireless Router with ADSL Modem”

see How to Configure your Laptop/PC IP Address

Wireless N300 Easy Setup Router with picture

Tenda N301 Wireless Router Configuration and Setup Manuals:

Login Tenda N301 300Mbps Wireless Router:

Connecting router as per the above connection diagram open internet browser such as internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc….

Tenda N301 Default IP Address is:

Tenda N301 Default password: admin

 Access 192.168.l.0.1 login URL to web browser. Use default password “admin” to log in to Tenda Wireless router.

Wireless N300 High Power Router Login to web


If you orget login password factory reset Tenda router.

Tenda N301 11N wireless Router  Quick  with Wizard:

  1. Choose WAN type from Wizard, PPPoE, DHCP, Static, PPTP, and wireless security in the second option after click ok to the next step.
  2. If you get username password from your isp then use PPPoE and if you are using ADSL modem before Wireless Router you can choose DHCP. If you got the Static IP address from your ISP then choose Static.

Tenda N300 Router Quick Configuration setup

2  if you have chosen PPPoE, DHCP or Static then in next window your Internet status will show if you have put everything right.

Tenda N301 WAN internet status

Tenda N301 11n Wireless Router Advanced Configuration

For Advance setting after login, router click on Advance option .see image below.

Tenda N301 Advance option configuration

  1. Wan Settings: Advanced à WAN setting
  2. Select your internet connection type : PPPoE ,DHCP, Static, PPTP,..etc

Choose as per your internet connection type you got from your internet service providers.

Tenda N301 11n wireless configuration

Tenda N301 11n Wireless Router LAN Configuration :

Go to Advance à Lan Settings in the left side menu

IP Address: change IP address here if you want to change LAN IP of your TENDA N301

Click Ok to save

Tenda N301 Parent control configuration

Tenda N301 11n Wireless Router DNS Configuration

Advance à DNS settings

  1. Enable Manual DNS Assignment: Check to activate DNS settings.
  2. Primary DNS Server:Enter the primary DNS address provided by

your IPS.

  1. Alternate DNS Server:Enter the other DNS address if your ISP

provides such addresses (optional).

  1. OK: Click to save your settings.

Tenda N301 DNS settings

Tenda N301 11n Wireless Router Wireless Configuration :

Go to Wireless tab from top menu bar

Wireless-> Wireless Basic Settings

  1. SSID: This is the public name of your wireless network. The

default is Tenda_XXXXXX. XXXXXX is the last six characters in the

device’s MAC address. It is recommended that you change it for

better security and identification.

  1. Channel: Select a channel that is the least used by neighboring

networks from the drop-down list or Auto. Channels 1, 6 and 11

are recommended.

  1. 3. OK: Click to save your settings.

Tenda N301 11N router Firewall configuration


Tenda N301 11n Wireless Router Wireless Security Configuration :

Wireless – Wireless Security

  1. Choose the SSID you want to set Wireless Security
  2. Disable the WPS
  3. Set your password for Wi-Fi
  4. Ok click for saving changes

Tenda N301 Wireless Router WiFi password configuration


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