How to configure CP Plus DVR and Live View from Mobile Apps (2018)

CP Plus DVR Setup for Live view from internet

Do you want to monitor your CP plus camera from outside of office or home. see simple configuration to access CP Plus DVR Setup for Live view from internet.

How to configure CP Plus DVR Setup for Live view from internet

CP Plus is a CCTV surveillance product provider. Today security comes first in any need of human life. To make office, home, and our family protect everyone use CCTV camera. CCTV camera monitors and recorded every activity going on your home and office. In this post will describe you step to step how to configure CP plus DVR network configuration for local and internet camera monitoring. Before 3-4 year back when we think about to access CCTV from other location with the internet than public or static IP address required. Now when day by day technology grows we can access any CCTV and DVR from anywhere in the world because of the cloud server. Every leading CCTV manufacture provides their cloud server and mobile application to access your DVR and surveillance from all over the world without having any static IP Address. see the complete user manual for CP Plus DVR Setup for the Live view from internet worldwide.

CP Plus DVR Camera and Network Connection Diagram.

Does not matter you have 4 channels Cplus DVR or 16 channels DVR connection are some for all.DVR has a LAN port for network connectivity and VGA port for connecting the display.  4 BNC connector for the camera in 4 channels DVR or as per DVR capacity you have used.

Connect LAN cable from your internet router to DVR LAN port to connect DVR in the internet.


CP Plus DVR Network configuration to Live to monitor from the Internet.

Once you have connected internet cable to DVR than you have to change an IPv4 setting.

You have to configure your DVR with the internet connection to get access from the internet. If DVR network does not configure properly than you may not access the DVR from mobile apps.

Go to setting menu and click TCP/IP settings.

Choose the DHCP option and click save button to apply the setting.

how to connect cp plus dvr to mobile without internet

CP Plus  gCMOB Mobile Application installation and configuration.

CP Plus DVR can be accessed from the internet with the gCMOB application. gCMOB CP Plus cloud-based apps for CP Plus DVR (Digital video Recorder) and NVR (Network Video Recorder) from the internet at any place.

To download gCMOB download from the Google Play store for Android and Apps store for I Phone.

Download gCMOB for android now

CP Plus DVR Setup for the Live view from internet

cp plus instaon settings

Download gCMON for I Phone now.

Install the CP Plus gCMOB application and open for configuration your DVR.

CP Plus gCMOB Mobile Apps configuration for Android and I Phone.

Open CMOB application and skip the introduction of apps.

Click  Camera ICON to enter in CCTV option. If you looking to add CP Plus door phone than choose  Door Phone option.

CP PLUS DVR Online Setup! Remote View without Satic IP

Now Click  + button to add DVR in mobile apps. You can also add the device from the video camera Icon top left side.

Steps to Configure 3G and CP Plus DDNS on CP Plus U

Click InstaOn option to add your DVR on the gCMOB mobile application for publicly monitoring from the internet at any location.

cp plus dvr recording settings

Click QR code icon to scan your DVR serial number as shown below image.

Or you can type manually DVR serial number from backside sticker and device information option.

how to watch cp plus dvr online on pc

To get QR code inside the DVR web interface follows below steps.

Login to DVR

Go to TCP/IP option and go to InstaOn option

CP-PLUS Free DDNS Now watch your CCTV from Anywhere

Once Done Click Live preview button to view your camera through the gCMOB mobile application.

how to connect CP Plus Dvr from internet

If you are using more than 4 channel cameras and want to view all cameras in single windows click the channel setting below.

You can view 9 cameras 16 cameras in single windows.

To open one camera in full-screen double tap the camera screen to open in full screen.

You can add multiple DVR from the different location to monitor fro same mobile device.

Add multiple DVR add follow the Add device steps again with every DVR.

CP-Plus DVR View Multiple DVR from Different Location in same mobile Apps.

If you have multiple locations where you have installed CP plus camera. With CP Plus CMOB mobile apps you can monitor all your DVR in single apps doesn’t matter where they installed. To view all DVR you required only internet connection on each location to make DVR access from the cloud.

You can add all DVR in the same mobile apps follow steps above.

View DVR from the different location

Click the + (PLUS) icon or any camera screen showing in the channel to select DVR.

Device List — choose the DVR you want to monitor.

Click the option and press Start Live preview button below.

You camera will preview on your mobile screen.

Cp Plus Multiple dvr access from single mobiel

CP Plus DVR monitoring mobile application available for Android as well as I Phone users. If you are an I Phone user you can also get the help from this post to set up CP PLUS DVR on the mobile application. CP Plus Camera setup and installation same for both Android and I Phone user.

Use Security device and keep always protect from suspicious activity happening all around you and your family. If you get any type of error and problem during setup and installation of CP Plus  NVR and DVR installation please comments and email to get the solution.

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  1. What configuration is required for viewing live stream on mobile connected to same WiFi network which is connected to DVR via LAN?Purpose is not to use internet data for viewing live stream when in same network….Thanks…

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