How to Disable and Enable Facebook Profile Picture Login (with picture)

How to Disable Facebook Profile auto Login Feature.

Today More then 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users.  And day by day increasing user of Facebook. Facebook add new feature day by day to make Facebook very easy and user friendly use to get more user attraction.this post is for describing a new feature of Facebook  launch recently for mobile and web user both. This feature called Facebook profile picture login. When you upgrade your Facebook mobile application or web based acebook account then you get a profile picture icon in Facebook page and you just need to click your profile picture to login your account without typing your Facebook account email and password every time. It’s save time and no need to remember email id and password. This feauter some people like so much but some user doest like because of anuthrise access of there Facebook who use Facebook in mobile as we as in office and cyber café computer. So this post will show both option for who like and don’t like profile picture auto login option. How to disable Facebook profile picture login and how to enable Facebook profile picture login feature permanently from your Account settings with simple steps.

How To Enable Facebook Profile Picture Login Feature From Settings.

  1. Login your Facebook Account and go to top menu right side down arrow setting icon. Setting menu will be open click on setting option above.
  2. Login Now

facebook login with profile picture

2 Click on Security and Login from left side setting menu list . Next to General .

one tap login facebook app

3.. Find the option meddle of window  Log in using your profile picture and click edit.

one tap login facebook ipad


  1. Click Turn on Profile Picture login .

Facebook login without password

After Click on this option next time when you use Facebook you will get a profile picture icon in your Facebook page just click and login automatic with in second.


How to Disable Facebook Profile Picture Login Option from Settings.


Disable Facebook profile picture login will required type your email id and password every time when you want to use Facebook.but you can any time enable and disable this feature from your profile account settings with simple steps.


  1. Follow the Step 1 and step 2 from How to Enable Facebook Profile Picture Login .


  1. Click Login using your profile picture option

one tap login facebook ipad

  1. Click on Turn off Profile Picture Login.

unable to login using profile picture in facebook

Watch Video : How To Enable and Disable Facebook Profile Picture Login and Saved Password.


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7 Responses

  1. NotYourBusiness says:

    It doesn’t work: Profile Picture Login keeps re-enabling itself each time you log-out. That “feature” is crap.

  2. Bobby says:

    I\’m have ran Chrome, IE, Microsoft Edge and even Firefox. I can\’t seem to disable this feature. I have asked Facebook in their support, but it seems that even Facebook doesn\’t know how to disable it. Facebook has not answered my requests to disable this feature. Yes, I go to settings, security and turn off the photo login. Next time I login then off again, there it is. I\’ve gone through suggestions online, but with no luck. Anyone out there have any other suggestions on how to permanently disable this fiasco?

    • Admin says:

      Please Do one thing Clear your browser history first then disable feature and before login close all tabs facebook open and clear history and cache file .. after that check . hope you will get this.

      see how to clear browser history here :

      • Bobby says:

        I’ve tried everything you have posted above, but it does not help. Somehow, I may be doing something wrong. Just can’t figure it out. I’m begining to think that it may be some setting in the internet options. Since this problem is not isolated to Firefox. When I switch to either Chrome or IE, the problem is the same.

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