1. It doesn’t work: Profile Picture Login keeps re-enabling itself each time you log-out. That “feature” is crap.

  2. I\’m have ran Chrome, IE, Microsoft Edge and even Firefox. I can\’t seem to disable this feature. I have asked Facebook in their support, but it seems that even Facebook doesn\’t know how to disable it. Facebook has not answered my requests to disable this feature. Yes, I go to settings, security and turn off the photo login. Next time I login then off again, there it is. I\’ve gone through suggestions online, but with no luck. Anyone out there have any other suggestions on how to permanently disable this fiasco?

      1. I’ve tried everything you have posted above, but it does not help. Somehow, I may be doing something wrong. Just can’t figure it out. I’m begining to think that it may be some setting in the internet options. Since this problem is not isolated to Firefox. When I switch to either Chrome or IE, the problem is the same.

          1. Watched the video several times and did what is said and showed. No luck. It must be some setting somewhere that it will not save the deactivate setting. I haven’t given up yet. There must be something out there that will work.

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