Tenda 06 5GHz 11AC 433Mbps Outdoor 10Km Point to Point Configuration

tenda point to point
(Last Updated On: May 11, 2018)

Tenda 06 5GHz 11AC 433Mbps Outdoor 10Km Point to Point Configuration

Tenda a quick popular brand name for networking and wireless product for home to commercial range. I always posted popular Tenda router configuration and setup, like Tenda N301, Tenda VDSL modem and many more. In this post I will cover a complete and easy configuration guide for Tenda O6 5Ghz CPE point to point configuration. Before start configuration I will be given a brief product description about Tenda O6 11Ac 433 Mbps Cpe device. Get user manual for Tenda point to point and point to multi point also.

Tenda 06 5GHz 11AC 433Mbps Outdoor CPE Specification.

Tenda O6 5Ghz is a 433Mbps Outdoor CPE for wireless point to point and point to multi point connectivity. O6 5GHz CPE best for CCTV camera and internet and DATA connectivity between two locations.

Tenda O6 having  16 dBi directional antenna to long range connectivity up to 10 km as per Tenda official datasheet. 1Gigabit WAN/LAN Poe port give your up to 433 mbps wireless speed. Tenda O6 5Ghz cpe support multi-mode, Access Point mode, Repeater mode, WISP mode, Client mode and Bridge mode to use as per requirement.


Where you can use of Tenda O6 5GHz CPE

Tenda O6 support 5 GHz band so it can be use multi service type work. If you are looking wireless connectivity for your CCTV project to convert your IP camera into wireless camera than this device can be used. If you are a ISP and looking for 5 GHz CPE to provide internet connection to end client than Tenda O6 can be used.

Wireless point to point and point to multi point important connectivity type for long distance where physical cable laying not possible. Tenda 5GHz cpe best fit for your point to point and point to multi point connectivity for smart city as well as rural broadband projects.

How to setup Tenda O6 5 GHz CPE Point to Point?

To configuration of Tenda O6 5 GHz CPE required some pre requirement configuration for desktop and Laptop to get access device in web browser.First configure your Desktop and Laptop with Same series IP Address of Tenda Default IP.


For point to point conifugration required 2 device one for Local side and second for remote side. So keep ready your both devices.

  1. Tenda O6 and O3 AP mode Configuration for Local Side

  2. Tenda O6 Client mode configuration for Remote side.


Tenda O6 5.8 GHZ 11 AC 433 Mbps Outdoor Long Range Default settings.

To configure any device default settings required to access it in web browser and command line. If you are going to setup first time Tenda O6 5 Ghz for PTP and PTM. You can get default setting back side sticker of your Tenda device.

If you can’t find Tenda default login settings Please see here


Tenda O6 5.8 GHz CPE default IP Address is –

Default username – admin

Default password – admin.


PC/ Desktop LAN IP Configuration

Go to your Laptop/Desktop Control panel

Find network and sharing setting

Left side Change Adapter setting

See the Ethernet and double click to go properties.

Go to TCP/IP4 and use Static IP address with or 3,4 , 5 any one.

Click ok and close to confirm settings.

See LAN IP configuration step to step here


Tenda O6 and O3 5Ghz CPE Login First time.

This configuration guide support both model Tenda O6 and Tenda O3 5 GHz CPE. Diffrence is only Tenda O6 support up to 10Km distance and Tenda O3 support up to 5KM distance as per claim by Tenda official website.


Tenda O6 and O3 5GHz CPE Network Connection Diagram.

To login Tenda CPE you must connect proper physical connection to get access of Tenda web interface. See the connection diagram below.

Connect Adapter PoE port to Tenda LAN port and PoE LAN port to Laptop/Desktop Lan port as follow below image.

configure tenda router as access point


Now Open Web browser such as internet explorer, Firefox Mozilla, Google chrome and type to URL bar and hit enter.

Tenda O6 10km+ 5GHz Outdoor Point to Point CPE

Login with admin/ admin default username and password.

tenda router


Tenda O6 and Tenda O3 5 GHZ AP Mode Configuration for Site A.

As describe already there are two site required for point to point configuration so first we will configure Access Point mode for site A.


Tenda O6 and Tenda O3 5 GHz CPE Mode Settings.

For point to point configuration first setting have to do is wireless mode settings. Configure first device as AP mode and second as a Client mode.

Go to Quick Setup – choose AP mode and click Next.

tenda 5km Outdoor Point To Point CPE



1 – Tenda O6 5GHZ CPE Wireless configuration

SSID– set SSID for your AP device (use any name which can be easily recognize from client end device.)

Channel- choose the best channel as per area interference

Security mode- use WPA2-PSK for stronger security as recommended

WI-FI password- type password in this box and click next for next steps.

how to factory reset tenda o6 5GHZ cpe



To confirm AP mode setting click save buttons.

 tenda ac9 wireless ac1200 router


Noteas already told your for point to point and multi point more than one device use so don’t forget to change both side LAN ip address to avoid network conflict.

You can use next ip of same series for second side device.

EXP- Site A side than remote side can be


Tenda O6 / Tenda O3 LAN IP Configuration.

1:- To change IP address go to network and LAN Settings

2:- Address Type – User Static

IP Address- use the IP address for AP side (change also client side )

Subnet mask- as per IP series.

Device Name- you can change device name as location name to quickly identify your device when you access from remote side.

 can't connect to tenda wireless router


Tenda O6/ Tenda O3 5Ghz Client Mode Configuration for Remote Site.

After AP mode configuration now need to configure client mode for remote side device.to configuration of client end device follow the above steps for connection diagram and login details.

After Login please follow the steps Tenda O6 LAN IP configuration first to change client device IP address .

login with new changed IP address and change  mode to client mode first.

Quick Setup – Station mode choose and click next steps.

tenda how to reset password


In next step you get Scan button to find your AP device name as configure by you.

Select your Tenda AP mode SSID name from list  and click next for password configuration

what is tenda default password


Channel and Seurity type will auto detected from AP settings. Please do not change Channel.

Type password in Key box to confirm connection with AP mode device.

Click Next button to save settings.

why is my tenda not working


After rebooting and save setting you can check Status page to connected status and signal strength for same device.


Tenda O6/ Tenda O3 5Ghz Point to Multi point Configuration.

To configure tenda point to multi point mode AP device configuration will be same. To multipoint connectivity repeat the client mode configuration for multi device you want to configure with AP device.

Example – if you have 3 different location and you want to connect point to multi point than follow steps.

  • Configure Tenda O6 in AP mode Location A
  • Configure Tenda o6 or o3 as client mode for location B
  • Again configure the Tenda O6 or O3 CPE with client mode for location C and more.

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How to Factory reset Tenda 06 5GHz 11AC 433Mbps Outdoor CPE.

There are some important maintenance and administrator settings required in every wireless router and device. See if you forgot IP username or password for tenda Wireless router than how you can reset it.

Go to Tools – Maintenance option

  1. Reboot – this button will use for tenda O6 reboot
  2. Reset to Facory reset– If you want to factory reset device use this option.
  3. Ugrade firmware – Tenda o6 and tenda o3 upgrade latest firmware with this option.
  4. Backup and restore– After configuration of Tenda router you can save configuration file for future configuration in case you required Tenda device factory reset.

tenda w322ua ap mode

Download Firmware and Dhatasheet for Tenda O6 5GHZ CPE 

This is basic steps to configure pint to point and point to multi point for tenda 5GHz CPE device. but this steps you can also follow for any other brand radio to configuration. please comments and send mail us if you have question related to this tutorials.

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