Top 5 Best Alternate Open Source Firmware for Your Routers

Best Alternative Firmware for WiFi Routers

If you are not happy with the performance of your home Wi-Fi router and fade up with fighting every time with browsing internet speed. It means you have not selected the right router for your home. But you can increase and supercharge your internet browsing experience with simple custom router firmware available for WiFi router. If you really looking for alternate best router firmware for your router. You are in the right place because this post gives you complete details of an alternate router which can turn your slow router into the high-speed router without any investment. Read More about Alternative Firmware for WiFi Routers

Flashing your home router with third-party router firmware should be compatible hardware model as per firmware MD5. Upgrading the wrong firmware can permanently damage and brick your new router. Before flashing your router make sure you are downloading compatible alternative router firmware according to the supported hardware of your router. you can find the router model backside of your WiFi router and match the same model no. to the firmware model, you are going to download.


Why Use Alternate Firmware?

Open Source Firmware Developed by an experienced and Expert Team, so it’s 100% free and open-source to provide you with better connectivity and stability with the extra feature. Many OEM routers don’t provide complete network features with their default router firmware so you can use alternate open-source firmware to increase your router performance, feature, and stability.

List of Best Alternative Router Firmware

Upgrading custom router firmware subject to compatibility and MD checksum matching. Do not try firmware if it’s not supported by your router model that can brick your router. the list contains free firmware with a wide range of supported brands and router model numbers.

1. OpenWrt :

OpenWRT Is an open Source Wireless Router Firmware-Based on Linux. It is an embedded operating system. It provides you web interface configuration and command-line configuration. you can increase your router feature and stability with OpenWrt firmware. OpenWrt provides you complete Supported hardware list to get the right firmware for your router. Wrong firmware can be brick your Router.

OpenWrt OpenSource Firmware

OpenWrt firmware supports more than 100 different types of brand models. you can find the complete list with all brand name and models from (OpenWrt Table of Hardware ). just click on this link and search your WiFi router model number from the list with correct version download and flash. before flashing OpenWRT firmware to your OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)  firmware read all instructions carefully so you can revert back your router with original Brand firmware if you not like useful OpenWRT for your router. Flash your router at your own risk.

2. DD-WRT :

DD-WRT is also an embedded system’s firmware for the best alternate firmware for Wi-Fi routers. It provides a high list of supported router with excellent new features. Firmware is the soul of hardware so dd-wrt provide you best free open source firmware for the most popular brand routers.

DD-Wrt one of the most stable and performed open-source firmware for Various brand-supported models. their many companies that use base firmware of DD-Wrt to developed their own firmware for a different type of network equipment. Exp: flying voice one of the popular brands for VoIP Router manufacture it is completely based on DD-WRT firmware. you can see Flying Voice router configuration here you will get completely DD-Wrt-based firmware inside it.

DD-Wrt Firmware for OEM Router

I am again reminding before flashing any of the opensource firmware make sure you are using the correct firmware model number. Wrong firmware will brick your router.

You can download Latest  DD-WRT Firmware


3. Gargoyle :

Gargoyle is an open source OpenWrt Based free firmware. It is based on Atheros and Broadcom chip-set wireless router firmware as well as best dd wrt alternatives. Gargoyle provides bandwidth monitoring firewall features and bandwidth management basic features. Choose the right firmware for your wireless router because wrong firmware can be damage or brick your new router. To confirm your wireless router listed on gargoyle firmware download list, to get right can use one of Top alternate firmware for  home Wi-Fi router with flashing gargoyle firmware

gargoyle firmware for WiFi routers

Gargoyle firmware developed on OpenWRT firmware with easy and single page configuration for laymen. there is some additional feature added in gargoyle firmware which not available in OpenWRT such as DMZ configuration URL filtering and QoS for bandwidth management. with gargoyle you can also manage your bandwidth as per Mac-based and IP based can directly flash your gargoyle firmware if already flashed with OpenWRT firmware. if the model number and MD5 Checksum match your router will convert from OpenWRT to gargoyle firmware within 5 minutes.

4. Tomato Firmware:

Tomato firmware is a HyperWrt based wireless router firmware. It is based on a Broadcom chipset wireless router. The best feature of tomato is you can use VPN tunnels with this firmware. It gives feature CLI, Telnet, SSH, DHCP server, AP mode, Bridge Mode, and many other useful features. Tomato firmware alternative of OEM WiFi router firmware but consider it with extra features best alternate firmware work on same your old router. just supercharge your old slow WiFi router without paying anything.

 custom firmware for smc routers


5. Chilifire: | Hotspot management software

Chili fire is an OpenWrt based Hotspot management software. It provides you Hotspot user authentication captive portal to make secure and managed the network system. If you are looking for a cloud-based Hotspot user authentication captive portal solution, chili fire will provide you with all the features. You can see the supported router list on chilifire website. chili fire one of the best Alternative Firmware for WiFi Routers using authentication through cloud access. 

Online Authentication free firmware for WiFi router

Chillifire firmware based on OpenWRT firmware. It provides cloud-based authentication for WiFi service. we required to register our router on the Chillifire cloud portal and whenever we use the internet required cloud-based authentication first with chilli fire service. You can use commercial use of chilli fire like Cafe shop, Pizza shop, and any other public store where you can sell your Hotspot service with different plans. you can find complete supported router models from the chilli fire official website.

Chillifire supported Router model

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