The 10 Best open source server and network monitoring software windows, Linux

best open source server and network monitoring software windows (Last Updated On: March 19, 2019)

Monitoring and managing network and application with tools make your network smarter and problem free. There are many free network performance monitoring tools available based on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Monitoring network and servers activity let your network prevent before its start problem. always make your network traffic smoother with using free network traffic monitor which alert you in case of any broadcasting and unexpected traffic coming in networks. enjoy the world class best open source server and network monitoring software windows, Mac OSx and Linux platforms.

Top 10 Best Open Source Network Monitoring Tools for Windows, Mac, and Linux

If you are a Network specialist or network administration in a small or large industry you must be required network management tools every time. This post going to useful for you because here I am giving you the top 10 best network monitoring software for enterprise and small business. Free is always good and it is better when it worthless for us this the place where every network engineer will get free of cost detail about network tools and utility to make network management as a game.

The network management system is a smarter way to keep your network, server, application problem free. You are going to get the best free Discovery tool open source as well as server monitoring tools without using multiple software. Information Technology a huge industry cannot manage without using IT monitoring software in a simple way.

Top 10 Free Real Time  Network Monitoring  Software 

1: Hyperic HQ

Hyperic HQ 4.0 is network and system monitoring and management software for resources and devices on a network. The hyperic application gives you auto-discovery of the network device with monitoring of the performance of your network devices, software, and computers. Its give your alert for down and up the status of any network equipment. You can also get a complete log report about your network resources working performance and errors.

Hyperic HQ fully supported all platforms such as UNIX, Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, VMware, and Amazon Web Services. Alongside it’s also supported 75 common components like databases, application servers, middleware, web servers, network devices and more.

Hyperic HQ 4.0 is a network monitoring and management software


Download Hyperic HQ Network Monitor Free Now

2: Nagios 

Nagios is an open source SNMP monitoring software for Linux platform and analyzer tools for cross platforms. Its never let your network down to longs because Nagios gives you real-time monitoring and notification feature to wake up you whenever something wrong in the network. Monitoring and managing any network resource is very easy with help of Nagios. This is software which provides you information about server uptime monitor, bandwidth monitoring and network logs in a centralized point.

As we told your Nagios 100% open source and free network tools to gives you the power to manage your large network servers, Database, Computers and many more without any costly job work. after adding Nagios as your network monitor tools you will get real-time monitoring as well as you can track total downtime of any network resource monitored and managed by Nagios. See and download interactive graphical time report for your network performance with Nagios. We recommended Nagios one of the best free network monitoring and management tools for your network.

Nagios Network Management Software
Nagios Network Management Software

Download Nagios Network Monitor Free Now

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3: ZABBIX 1.8

Zabbix is an enterprise open source monitoring software for monitoring networks device, software, servers, and other network equipment from a single point. It’s one of the best Nagios alternate networks monitoring tool for your small and large networks.

Its provide you systematic manages web GUI interface to make network management easier. It will take care of your networks, Servers, Application and database resources with a real-time notification whenever any equipment goes down. Zabbix network tool only available for Linux platforms.

network monitoring tools by ip address

Download Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitor Free Now


4: SolarWinds – Orion Network Performance Monitor 10.1

SolarWinds one of the most popular and leading Network Monitoring software to manage and perform your network resources. If we look for SolarWinds feature side than you will get a network tool with multi-vendor support, intelligent alert and performance analysis dashboard to understand any network easily. It’s fully supported automated monitoring and management of Cisco ASA infrastructure.

You can get a 30day free trial of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor for your network to ensure capability and specialty about tools.

network monitoring tools top 10

Download SolarWinds Full version Free Now

5: WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold is an excellent software for server, network, and application monitoring tools. If you are new in network administration and looking for an easily understandable Network Monitoring for your server, switch, Router and VMs so WhatsUp Gold will be fit on your requirement. Its truly easy and understandable graphical interface software for managing your large and small any types of network. It is a network admin tools which gives fast and quick notification alerts feature save time to resolve the issue before the client complaint you. With WhatsUp Gold make your Network faster and avoid downtime for any network equipment. Whatsup gold having SNMP based network discovery tools to fetch network auto.

Its True WhatsaUP Gold best network manager but not free of cost although you can get a 30days free trial version with full feature functions to give confident before investing your money.

network monitoring tools for windows 7 free download with crack

Download WhatsUp® Gold 2017 Plus Free Now

6: ManageEngine OpManager

  • ManageEngine OpManager is the complete pack of network resource and application monitor, bandwidth analysis configuration management, firewall log management, fault management and lots of features windows and Linux. You can use ManageEngine OpManager 30-Day Free Trial from the official site of manage Engine OpManager.

easy network monitoring tool

Download ManageEngine OpManager  Free Now

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7: Sciencelogic EM – 7

Sciencelogic EM – 7 also a best and interesting network monitoring solutions for enterprises level network. Sciencelogic EM is One Platform to Monitor Everything—Network, Storage, Compute, Applications,  IoT No Matter Where It Exists—On-Premises, Hosted, Cloud. Remove the difficulty of managing complex, distributed IT services through a single, unified monitoring platform.

Download Sciencelogic EM – 7  Free Now


8: GFI Network Server Monitor

GFI network server monitor tool will provide a real-time security alert for your network resources like routers, server, application and virtual server. Get a free trial version from the GFI official website.

network traffic monitoring tool linux

Download GFI Network Monitor Free Now


9 : OpenNMS

  • OpenNMS is a free and open-source enterprise-grade network monitoring and network management platform. It is developed and supported by a community of user and developers as well as by the  OpenNMS Group, offering commercial services, training, and support. It supports discover layer two networks as well as built-in reporting for your network devices. OpenNMS will provide a secure and managed network diagram with a graphical log report to track your network activity from time to time remotely and locally. Get OpenNMS for Linux and Windows platform from official OpenNMS website.

network monitoring tool nagios

Download OpenNMS  Free Now

10: Spiceworks | Spiceworks Help Desk 

Spice network is a popular network monitoring tools with lots of smart feature for manage your network device, server, and application. Spiceworkprovidese you real-time network resource monitoring and notification alert, while occurring any error in your network. The fast and reliable alert will keep always your network running without any downtime and complaining by your clients.

prtg network monitoring tool download

Download Spicework  Free Now


windows based network monitoring software demand is high than Linux based but Linux based network management tool always safe and secured. Windows-based network management software have to pay the cost but Linux based always free and reliable. just try the list of best system and network performance monitoring tools and choose the best one for you.


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