D-Link DIR615 Wireless Router Setup and Configuration First Time

D-Link DIR615 Wireless Router Setup and Configuration (Last Updated On: October 14, 2018)

D-Link DIR615 Wireless Router Setup and Configuration

D-Link DIR615, DIR600 and DIR605L all are the home broadband router. Dlink router can be used in any ISP network for turn your wired network into Wi-Fi zone which can let you connect your single internet line to your Laptop, PC, Smart Phone and all smart devices like Wireless Printer, Tablet. D-Link DIR615 Wireless Router Setup and Configuration for new router first time with simple steps

D-Link Dir615 and D-Link 600M both are 300Mbps wireless speed and   5 dBi Dual Omni Antenna, DIR615 Wireless router comes with 1WAN and 4Lan Port to use your wired network device directly to Lan.

D-Link DIR615 and D-Link DIR600M both are supported by cable broadband ISPs  Hathway, Tikona, Airtel Fibrenet, Nextra, Siti Cable, You Broadband, Spectranet, ACT Fibrenet etc

D-Link DIR615 Wireless Router Connection Diagram.

Connect your Internet cable to WAN port in DIR615/ DIR600. Connect Lan Cable to Lan port from 4Lan Port and connect to Laptop for D-Link DIR600 first time configuration for your home. Follow the Image Given Below.

how to setup dlink router dir 600 without cd

D-Link DIR615 Wireless Router Configuration Step to Step

Before Proceeding to D-Link Wireless Router Configuration make sure you have connection proper as per picture above for internet and Local Laptop connection.

For configuration D-Link wireless router you required default settings such as Default IP Address, Default Username and Password for configuration of D-Link DIR600, DIR615, and DIR605 Wireless Router. You can find the D-Link default settings Details of the Backside of your Wireless router. if you do not know then find the default D-Link Settings Given below.

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D-Link DIR615 Wireless Router Default Settings.

D-Link Default IP Address –

Dlink Default Username – Admin

Dlink Default Password –  “Blank”(No Password).

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D-Link DIR600M/615 Wireless Router Login.

Now connect your router to Laptop/PC Lan port and configure your Laptop/PC Lan port in DHCP mode or put D-Link Default series IP address in your Laptop Lan IP.

See here “how to Configure Laptop/PC Lan IP Address”

After doing all step now open your internet browser such as Firefox,  Google Chrome and type “ in the URL bar and hit Enter.

You will get Dlink Router Login page and username password option to Login Dlink dir605 router.

Put the default username Admin and Leave password blank hit Enter router will login.

d'link dir 615 port forwarding

D-Link DIR 615 Wireless Router Manual Configuration.

When you will Login your router first time you will directly go to the setup page. In the setup page, you will get configuration method manual and Wizard. Click on Manuals as show given picture.

dlink dir 615 wireless n 300

D-Link DIR615 300Mbps Wireless Router WAN configuration.

For WAN configuration you should know how you ISP provide internet. Means if you’re ISP give you Static IP address or username password for PPPoE dial-up connection.

In this Manual, you will get the guide with Static IP configuration if you have PPPoE username password then just choose PPPoE option instead of Static IP.

WAN Access Type: If you have IP Address details choose Static or If you have Username password then use PPPoE.

IP Address: use IP got from your ISP

Subnet Mask: same got from ISP

Default Gateway: same got from ISP

DNS Server 1: same got from ISP

DNS Server 2: Got from ISP

Click Apply Button at the bottom after doing all settings.

d-link dir-615 block website


D-Link DIR615 Wireless Configuration

For Wireless Configuration click on With wireless tab and proceed configuration given below.

  1. Enable SSID Broadcast: This setting should enable (Right Click)

          Enable Wireless Isolation: if you use this option

         Mode: use network name here

        Channel: select Chanel 1,6,11 anyone here

       Band Width: choose 20/40

  1. Wireless Security Option: choose security type (Recommended WPA2-PSK)
  2. Pre-Shared Key: Type you wireless password here


Click Apply to save settings

d link dir 615 client mode

D-Link DIR600M Wireless Router LAN and DHCP Server Configuration.

Go to Local Network Option under Setup tab for Lan and DHCP configuration in D-Link Broadband wireless router.

1 IP Address: if you want to change default Lan IP you can change here

  1. DHCP server Mode: DHCP server

IP range: you can put start and End IP address provided by the router to the client

Click Apply changes to save settings.

d link dir 615 g2 dd wrt

How to Enable D-Link DIR600 and DIR615 Wireless router WAN Access.

WAN Access setting let you give access to open router with WAN port. After enabling this setting you can access your D-Link router throw remotely with WAN port.

WAN settings: choose WAN

Service Allowed:

Web: click web for WAN access router webpage.

Ping:  enable this option for ping router.

d-link dir-615 firmware 5.10 download

How to enable DMZ settings in D-Link DIR600 Wireless Router.

You can access any private IP publicly after enabling DMZ settings in your Wireless router.DMZ settings you can use to access your IP camera, NVR and any particular machine access remotely from WAN.

Go to Advanced tab and find the left side menu DMZ option.

Enable DMZ: click in the box to enable DMZ

DMZ Host IP Address: type the IP Address you want to Access from the Internet.

d-link dir-615 rev.e купить


How to Upgrade D-Link DIR600M and DIR615 firmware with WEB.

GO to Maintenance tab and click left side menu Firmware Upgrade option.

Click Choose File Button and browse for your firmware downloaded from D-Link website.

Note:  Before Upgrading Firmware makes sure you have right firmware according to your router models. Wrong firmware can damage permanently your router.

dlink dir605l default password

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