10 Best Free Game for Android and I Phones (2018)

The 10 Best Free Game Apps for Android and iPhones (Last Updated On: September 8, 2018)

The 10 Best Free Game Apps for Android and iPhones

Today Android is well-known by everyone doesn’t matter its child, adult or older person. With the revolution of the smartphone, android becomes the sole of the mobile smartphone. When smartphone make life easy and everything can operate with just fingertips, another side its also become a way for spending free time with fun, movie, and games.  Already posted about androids use and other advantage and disadvantage, Enjoy the most popular and The 10 Best Free Game Apps for Android and iPhones with low configuration and can be played on every version of Android.

Games is the best and most used time pass for the free time by children younger and older every category. There are millions of free game available on Google play store and other apps store. But high resolution and graphics games required heavy hardware configuration so in this post we try to find 10 best free android game which works with low configuration and every version of Android.

Best Free Game Apps for Android and iPhones in 2018

Free always well and when its make our free time best than it’s awesome.  Get the complete list of The 10 Best Free Game Apps for Android and iPhones for low and high configuration smart phone.


  1. Angry bird
  2. Pokémon Go
  3. Temple Run
  4. Clash of clans
  5. Candy Crush
  6. Bubble Shooter
  7. Subway surfers
  8. Golf Clash
  9. Rolling Snail
  10. Clash Royale


 1:- Angry Bird –

best android games free

Angry bird is lightweight and most popular game for android and I Phones. This game is most of the play by every age person like children, younger and older. An angry bird can be run on every version of Android because it’s doesn’t require high configuration smartphones. There is much angry birds game available with the different character.

You can download angry bird free from Google Play store for Android and Apps store for I Phones.

Download angry bird for Android Now

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2:- Pokémon Go

 best racing games android

Pokemon go one of the most popular games for the smartphone. You can spend your free time with Pokémon lots of hour without feeling bored. Pokemon is the best game for when you are going traveling and traveling for many hours. This game makes a record for downloading maximum after launched.

Download Pokémon Go now for Android

Download Pokémon Go for I Phone free

3: Temple Run

Top 10 Android games with best graphics

Temple run is a running game with saving the life from animals. This game becomes very popular with younger and teenage boys and girls. Temple runs game having many parts like temple run, temple run 2   with upgraded and adding with new features. You can get temple run game free for your android and I Phone smartphones. The best thing about temple run is you can run this game even in 1 GB ram.

Download Temple Run 2 for android now

Download Temple Run 2 for I Phones.

4: Clash of Clans

how to download free games

Clash of clans is epic village war games. These games support high resolution and graphics to play fast. You can play this game on most of the android versions.  The game is free available on Google play store and Apps store. If you lie War games to play in your free time than Clash of clans can be your favorite one. because of good graphics and realistic animation we include clash of the clan on 10 best free android game.

Download Clash of Clans free for android now

Download Clash of Clans free for I Phone now

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