How to Setup TP-Link AC750 Archer 20 Dual Band Router First time

Tp-Link AC750 configuration (Last Updated On: October 3, 2018)

TP-Link AC750 Archer 20 Dual Band Wireless Router Configuration 

TP-Link AC750 is a Dual-band (2.4 GHz + 5.8 GHz) wireless router with 750Mbps speed. AC750 is an archer 20 wireless access point which is suitable for home and enterprises purpose. Ac750 Wi-Fi router physical interface 4LAN+1WAN port with 10/100 Mbps speed. TP-Link AC750 having 2X2.4GHz Omnidirectional and 1x5GHz Omani directional antenna to give the better signal range for your home and office. AC740 support 433 Mbps in 5 GHz and 300Mbps in the 2.4GHz band so combined wireless speed is 733Mbps. making a correct Tp-Link AC750 configuration will increase you Wireless performance as well as protection of your network too.

This post will describe you an easy and proper configuration guide for TP-Link AC750 Dual-band Wi-Fi router first time. I always try to give step to step user guide manual for all the Wi-Fi router but if you face any confusion in any settings posted in this article please don’t forget to comments or mail us.

Before start configuration manual of TP-Link AC750 Dual band Wi-Fi router follow the physical connection diagram and ready your Internet settings to start configuration.


TP-Link C750 Dual Band Wi-Fi router Connection Diagram

In this diagram TP-Link AC750 will configure as a router mode. In router mode, WAN connection required in WAN port and LAN port will connect to PC/Laptop.

how to setup tp link ac750 router
Tp-Link AC750 configuration


After connection access Wi-Fi router to laptop/desktop from the browser. To access router web interface you should configure your laptop/desktop LAN IP with the same series of TP-Link AC750 IP address.

See here how to configure Laptop/Desktop LAN IP Address.


TP-Link AC750 Dual Band Wi-Fi router Login from Desktop

If you don’t know your router default IP Address. Get the default IP Address and username password from here

All Router Default settings

 TP-Link AC750 Default IP is –

The default username and password is admin/admin

Open the browser and type default IP “” and hit enter.

Use admin/admin for login.

how to install tp-link ac750

If you forget your Wi-Fi router settings after change just make it factory reset by pressing the reset button for the 3-5 second.

AC-750 Dual Band WiFi Router Operation Mode change

To configuration of any WiFi router first step is choosing operation mode we want to use as.

To change TP-Link AC750 Operation mode click on side menu list. Find the operation mode option.

Operation Mode- Wireless Router  and click save

tp link ac750 wireless dual band gigabit router


After operation mode, WAN configuration is the next step to configure any router in an easy way.

Read More

TP-Link AC750 Archer 20 WAN Configuration in PPPoE Mode

TP-Link AC750 wifi router supports PPPoE, Static and DHCP network type in wan. First will so how to configure TP-Link AC750 dual band Wi-Fi router in PPPoE mode.

To WAN configuration

Go to Network- WAN

  • Connection Type- PPPoE
  • PPP username – ( use the username given by your ISP- if don’t know contact your service provider.

PPP Password – same given by ISP.

3:- Secondary Connection– this option if you are using more than one internet service provider you can sue second connection with Static or dynamic type with this option.

4:- Connection Mode- keep it always on

5:- Idle time choose according to you. It’s time when your internet not using and it will disconnect for a while.

6:- Auto_AUTH keep this option.


tp-link ac750 wifi range extender


TP-Link AC750 Archer 20 WAN Configuration in Static Mode

Now, this step will cover TP-Link AC750 in static connection type. In this method, you required internet IP Address and other details provided by your ISP.

Connection Type – STATIC IP

IP Address- use the IP provided by SP

Subnet Mast- same by ISP and Gateway and DNS server also provided.

Click Save button to save WAN settings.

tp link ac750 bandwidth control

Next steps are Configuration of LAN and DHCP server in WiFi router.

TP-Link AC750 Archer 20 LAN & DHCP Server Configuration

In new router, OEM default IP configured so always recommended to change default ip to protect your Wi-Fi network from unwanted activities.


IP Address- Change new IP here

tp link archer c2


TP-Link AC750 DHCP server Configuration.

DHCP Server– Enabled

Start IP– you can choose the start IP as per your network size

End IP- choose the end IP as per users in home and office.

You can use DNS server here which will get in client IP configuration.

tp-link ac750 dd-wrt


After DHCP server now the time to configure Wireless settings. As AC750 is a dual band wireless router so Wireless configuration is divided into two part.

  1. 2.4Ghz Wireless Configuration

  2. 5 GHz wireless Configuration.

TP-Link AC750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router 2.4GHz Wireless Configuration.

All mobile and laptop support 2.4 GHz wireless band so first we will configure 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network.

Go to Wireless 2.4 GHz

  • Wireless –Enable

Wireless Network Name– type your WiFi name in this box for 2.4GHz

2: Mode- keep it BGN mixed

Channel – Recommend using 1,6,11 if using more than 1 wifi router.

Channel Width- keep it auto.

Enable SSID Broadcast- keep it check otherwise your wifi will hide.

 tp link extender ac750 login

TP-Link AC750 Wireless 2.4GHz Password Configuration.

Security is the must for Wi-Fi network to ensure a protected wireless network.

Go to Wireless 2.4GHz- Wireless Security option.

WPA/WPA2- personal is highly recommend to make a stronger security for WiFi network.

Version- WPA2PSK

Encryption- AES

Wireless Password- Type password for Wi-Fi in this box.

tp-link ac750 guide


  • WPA/WPA2-Enterprise- its use for radius server authentication which mostly use in an enterprise or large network to do authentication from radius server.


TP-Link AC750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router 5GHz Wireless Configuration.

All latest mobile comes with dual-band WiFi so 5Ghz is also required to configure for making a high-speed wireless connection with mobile and Laptops.

Go to Wireless 5 GHz

  • Wireless –Enable

Wireless Network Name– type your WiFi name in this box for 5GHz

2: Mode- keep it 11a/n/ac mixed

Channel – Recommend to use legal channel according to your Channel or keep auto if using single WiFi router

Width- keep it auto.

Enable SSID Broadcast- keep it check

how to connect tp link ac750

TP-Link AC750 Wireless 5GHz Password Configuration

Security is the must for Wi-Fi network to ensure protect the wireless make your WiFi internet secured from attackers you must follow a correct Tp-Link AC750 configuration guide.

Go to Wireless 5GHz- Wireless Security option.

WPA/WPA2- personal is highly recommend to make a strong security for Wi-Fi network.

Version- WPA2PSK

Encryption- AES

Wireless Password- Type password for Wi-Fi in this box.

tp link ac750 installazione


We have successfully configured both Wireless band but if we are using TP-Link AC750 in office than we must configure a guest network. Configuring a guest network in the TP-Link router will prevent us to provide our main Wi-Fi password to every one which is not permanent employ of office.

TP-Link AC750 Dual band WiFi router Guest Network Configurations.

To configure Guest network in your TP-Link route follows the steps given below.

1-Allow Guest network to access My local network – Enable

2-Band select- choose the band you want to create the guest network ( if you want to create both 2.4G and 5G guest network than configure the one by one both band.

Network name- type guest network name in this box.

Security- use the Guest WiFi password in this box.

tp-link ac750 gaming


TP-Link AC750 Wi-Fi router Guest Access Schedule.

If you want to guest network only work on any particular time such as office hour than you can manage it by enabling Access time.

Access Time- Schedule – (Above image)

  • Wireless Schedule – Enable
  • Choose the week day you want to enable guest network. You can choose Guest network access start time and end time both to manage your office hour.

tp-link archer c2 ac750 setup

This is the basic Wireless Configuration and Setup manual for TP-Link AC750 Dual band WiFi router.

Download TP-Link AC750 Firmware Now


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