How to see Your Facebook Friend Request Accepted and Rejected by Friends (With Picture)

Do you always want to know who rejected your Facebook request from your friends? Whenever any friends accept the request in Facebook we get a notification of ” You are now Friends With”but there is no notification for the rejected request. Do not worry follow the simple steps to check the Facebook request accepted or rejected by your friends and resend the request again in case it’s rejected.

Steps to Check Facebook Request Accepted or Rejected in Facebook

Facebook is one of the busiest social network sites today. At every age people spend time on Facebook for more than 4 hours every day. While Facebook becomes a strong messenger between peoples but there is also a useful platform for business and promotion side. there are hundreds of features available in Facebook settings very difficult to remember everything in mind. just a simple way to check Facebook requests accepted or rejected describe in this post.

Many times we send our friends friend requests so who friends accept requests we get the notification in Facebook friend accepted notifications but if any of the friends reject or remove our requests then we don’t know who remove or rejected friend request.  in this post, you will complete a guide how you can check who friends rejected your friend request and who friends remove your friend requested. This is a simple step to know who rejected the request but if we are not so friendly about Facebook then we required simple Facebook settings tutorials to make our Facebook use faster secure and easy.


 There are two parts to friends request on Facebook.

 1. Friends requests received:

The Facebook friend received the option for we got the friend request from friends when any of the click Add friend buttons from our profiles. You can see friend requests come from any friend under a friend’s icon in the top menu. You will get two options to confirm and cancel. If you want to accept you can click confirm or if you want to reject just click the cancel button. You can control a friend’s request under your Facebook privacy tab from the settings menu.

2. Facebook sent friends requests:

This option is for we have sent friends request of any friends. This list creates when we click Add friend’s button from any friend’s profile whom we want to add to our friend’s list. This request depends on your friends whether they will accept or reject your request. If they will accept the request you will get a notification in friends to request icon you have new friends or if they reject then it will not show in you sent friend request list.

How to check sent friends request Accept and reject see the full post to know who accepts the request and who removes your friend’s request.

How do I know if my friend request is accepted?

Login Facebook 

Login your Facebook to see friends request and the notification comes from various friends.

friend request accepted thanks


Friends request notification

Click the Find Friends Option in Notification Window. If you want to accept and Reject your Received Friend request then you can Click Confirm for Accept Request and Delete Request for Reject Friends Request.

After Confirm request that friend will add in your friend request and click Delete request will remove friend request from the notification list.

facebook friend request not showing up

View sent requests.

In the next Option, you get View Sent Request option in small size left corner of the list. Click the option to next steps.

undo a facebook friend request


Check Who Accept and Reject Facebook Friend Request Now.

After click View Sent Friend Request you will get a list of sent friends requested by you. Just find the name of those friends who you want to check he/she accept and reject your request. If you he/she name still in the list it means they still not accept your request and not rejected your request. This list contains all the requests you have sent to anyone and just Check Facebook Request Accepted or Rejected by friends you looking in the list available or not.

But if you didn’t find he/she name in the list and also not added in your friend request it means they rejected your request.

Now you just visit the same profile and if you will see the following option in profile it means the rejected your request and you cannot send again friend request until they allow you to add a friend’s option in her privacy settings.

facebook friend request email but not facebook

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How to Accept and Reject Facebook Friend Request one by one.

Click on Facebook friend Icon at the top you will list the new friend request. Click confirm for an accept request and Delete Requests for Reject friends request.

facebook friend request message

If your friend’s request accepted then you will get a notification on the Friends Request Icon top menu bar. If your request rejected you can again send the request if you think by mistake it was rejected by your friends. Do not send the friend’s request to any person you do not know personally. As per Facebook policy,  sending too many friends request consider as spam as per policy so always avoid sending frequent friend requests. Most of the people don’t know more about Facebook settings so they can easily check Facebook requests accepted or rejected by following the above steps.


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