How to set up Guest WiFi in Mikrotik AP [Multiple SSID]

One of the best features of WiFi router creates a virtual wireless access point to avoid sharing the main WiFi password with guests. Learn step-to-step How to set up Guest WiFi in Mikrotik AP with virtual SSIDs using multiple WiFi names.

How to set up Guest WiFi in Mikrotik AP

MikroTik is one of the trusted and my favorite WiFi AP because of its excellent router OS. Setting up a guest wifi network is a secure and smart way to keep protect your own WiFi avoiding sharing the main WiFi password with the guest. The MikroTik router OS has a great feature that can create multiple SSIDs with VLAN separations.

We have already posted Mikrotik Capsman controller setup and configuration which is an excellent wifi controller. You can create more than one virtual SSID to create a WIFi name for the different departments with isolation features. In this post, we will describe step by step how to set up guest WiFi in MikroTik AP.

To add a second WiFi name in the Mikrotik router need to access the Router OS using the WInbox utility. Follow the steps to configure multiple virtual SSID in the MikroTik Router.

Connect the MikroTik router and log in with the Winbox configuration utility.

mikrotik capsman multiple ssid vlan

Add Virtual AP in MikroTik Wireless Router to Set up guest WiFi 

To set up Guest WiFi in Mikrotik you need to create the Virtual SSID for the different networks for the office and home.

Go to Wireless from the left side menu.

Wireless Tables:  Interface

Click (+) Plus button and select the Virtual option as shown below image.

mikrotik simple queue for guest wifi

Configure WiFi name for Second Guest WiFi Network

Virtual AP is the best option to keep secure your personal WiFi network while sharing WiFi internet with the guest.

EXP- you can create Virtual Access points for your Kids WiFi with limited time and speed. In the office, you can create multiple SSID names like Manage WIFi, Accounts WIFI, and Sales WiFi. While setting up guest wifi in Mikrotik always make Virtual ap isolate to protect your private data.

Mode: Ap Bridge

SSID: Guest WiFi (give the WiFi name for the second WiFi Network)

If you are using a VLAN network to separate networks use the VLAN ID to make guest wifi with VLAN.

Click Apply and OK button to save Virtual SSID.

Configure Password for Guest WiFi Network

It is very important to set up the wifi password to create another secure network.

To set the password for Multiple WiFi SSIDs follow the steps.

Go to Wireless-

Wireless Tables – Security Profiles tab

Click + Button to create a new security profile for Mikrotik Virtual AP.

Setting up Mikrotik CAPSMAN with multiple SSID for CAPs

New Security Profile


Name: Guest (type the security profile name you to identify while providing to virtual AP network)

Mode: dynamic keys

Authentication Type: WPA PSK / WPA2PSK (recommended)

how to make wifi private

Unicast Ciphers: aes ccm.

Group Ciphers: aes ccm.

WPA Pre-Shared Key: type the WiFi password for VAP.

WPA2 Pre-Shared Key: Type the Password again.

Click Apply and OK button to save.

Select the Security in Virtual WiFi Network

You must be assigned a new security profile to each virtual wireless network you have added to the router.

Follow the picture showing two SSID Network names in the interface.

1: Go to Wireless- Interface

Click the Multiple SSID list as shown below image to assign a wifi security profile.

2: Double-click on Virtual AP (Wlan2, Wlan3)

3: Security Profile: Select the security profile created. Click the arrow to choose from multiple security profiles.

how to remove guest wifi

Click the Apply and OK buttons to save settings.

Now go to Mobile/laptop WiFi and check the WiFi network showing more than one from the single Mikrotik Router.

If you are using the Capsman controller to manage all MikroTik devices then you can also configure Mikrotik Capsman multiple SSIDs directly in the controller instead of adding one by one in each Mikrotik WiFi. This Simple configuration to set up Guest WiFi in Mikrotik routerOS that work with all router CCR and other router board series.

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