How to Website Block in Comcast Xfinity Router

Restrict inappropriate sites in your Comcast internet connection using Website Block in Comcast Xfinity router and time schedule for internet access.

Website Block in Comcast Xfinity Router

Comcast Xfinity modem parental control configuration required to protect your kids from impropriate internet browsing. In the earlier article, I have cover steps to login Comcast Xfinity router to change Wireless name and passwords. You need to login Xfinity cable modem to enable parental control features and block websites and apps. It does not matter you are using Comcast Xfinity Business connection or home always security matters.

Xfinity residential gateway provides multiple security options to ensure internet connection fully protected from others. Everyone uses the Wi-Fi password and a login password to secure an internet connection. Apart from WiFi security, we can enable content filtering and website blocking to enable a safe browsing experience. Using Xfinity on campus, home or in office required enabling firewall function to safe data from spyware and malware virus attacks. This user guide helps you to block the website in Xfinity Router and Enable internet blocking schedule for specific users.

How to block Websites in Xfinity?

Although the internet today needs everyone and most of the works depends on the internet there is also a dark side of the internet. The number of the website running those are not good for our computer and personal data. Every day a lot of people trap cyber fishing due to unsecured internet connections.

You can block apps and websites in Comcast router to protect your kids from online trap and virus attacks. Even though you are using Antivirus in mobile and PC but there are numbers of fishing website bypass antivirus security and can infect your computer.

There are many brands Xfiniti compatible modems available and every brand’s login credential different depends on models.

Steps to Block Site in Xfinity

Connect Xfinity using RJ45 Wired physical with computer or WiFi from Laptop.

Open web browser and access default Xfinity Login IP

Username: admin and password: password for login in default mode.

In some Comcast Routers Like Arris Router Login IP:, and some models support or depends on the brand’s login credentials.

Once access Comcast router control panel now follow steps to block or allow specific websites and apps.

Click on Parental Control

  • Internet Access Time Limits
  • Web SiteBlocking

block tiktok in comcast router

Click on Website Blocking Option to add website and keywords.


Check to enable website blocking

Keywords/Web site:,, Instagram and any website or apps you want to block.

.Press Add button after type domain name and URL or Apps name.

Connected Computers:  select the computer you want to apply to block policy.

Press the Connected computers button to add the computer to the list. admin login

Press the Apply button to save settings.

If you want to unblock the website in the Xfinity router just select the specif website URL from the list and press the delete button.

Internet Access Time Limit

Internet access time limits useful for restricting the internet during study time for kids. Comcast router access internet can control as per weekdays and time schedules.

Allow or deny internet access as per scheduled time and days.

Current internet Access Time Limits

1: Computer Name: Kids-PC (choose computer or mobile you want to restrict internet access for a specific time)

2: Block Internet Access according to this schedule:

Days to Block: Every day or selected day. ( chose the day you want to block internet access for the user you added in the list)

3: Time of Day yo Block

Set the time period to block internet access for a specific time limit.

You can select the study time period for blocking the internet in your children’s mobile and computers.

xfinity gateway login

Press the Apply button to set internet access limitations.

This content filtering option will keep your kids away from the bad websites and protect them from cyber traps.

Problem login to Xfinity Router

Probably some time router login page not access due to many reasons and lack of technical knowledge. If you are unable to login Comcast router settings then troubleshoot the issue to access page. Login IP Not working

If default IP 10.0.0.o.1 not working for your cable modem it seems the IP address does not belong to router or network not configured as per IP address.

  • Make sure your Computer/Laptop LAN IP settings in DHCP mode.
  • Confirm IP address printed over the router is not different.
  • If you using different brand see the default login details to router sticker or manuals comes with the device.
  • Make sure you are typing http:// login IP address incorrect form. Do not use http//: it is incorrect format.


Final Word

Add the website list those are not useful for your kids using the option available for Website Block in Comcast Xfinity cable modem. Use the security features to ensure the security of home internet and wifi network from unwanted access. Every router support firewall content filtering and port block features.

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