10 Best Proxy Site List to Access Block Website like YouTube and Facebook.

proxy site to access blocked website

10 Best Proxy Site List to Access Block Website .

Proxysite is the easy and best way to surfing blocked website. With help of proxy server you get the power of unblocking any website which you cannot open directly. Most of the institution and offices block the website which they don’t find useful for their institution and offices.  You can even surf the website which not allow by your institute administrator and show “website blocked contact your system administrator”. read  the full article about proxy site to access blocked website without using any software.After browsing via proxy sites you can browse and stand between your web without any restriction.

Proxy server bypass the local server and connect the same blocked website with other server and give you an alternative way to open them. EXP – YouTube and Facebook are blocked in most of school, college and other institution but with the help of proxy website you can use without changing you location to open them.  In this post we try to sort best proxy server to open block site without knowing administrator.

Proxy Site to Access Blocked Website in Mobile and PC

Website blocked and content filtering feature use for blocking any website URL and words. Most of the institution use the firewall for content filtering and protect UN-authorize access their private network. When we try to open any blocked website than we get the firewall page with website block by firewall. But when we try to open same website through any proxy server website than they simply bypass the firewall and connect same website with other servers and you can easily surf those sites.


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10 Best Proxy Server List to use Blocked YouTube and Facebook.

Today Facebook and YouTube both are most busy website so everyone required both site every time. Doesn’t matter you are a student or a professional this proxy sites useful for anyone who cannot access those without permission of administration who manage the network. So keep enjoy your favorite site even without knowing your network administrator. Find the list of best proxy server site to bypass firewall.

Best Proxy Server Sites List.

1. Proxysite.com
2. Filterbypass.me
3. Securefor.com
4. Proxify.com
5. Hide.me
6. Kproxy
7. Hidester
8. Dontfilter.us
9. HideMyAss
10. Anonymouse

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  1. Proxysite.com

Proxysite is free and secured way to surfing blocked website such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many other most popular website. Proxysite also provide you premium paid feature to keep hide your activity and tracking from others.with proxysite you get the multiple proxy server option from multiple location you can change and enjoy the any website which blocked for you.


How To Access Blocked Websites? Easy Ways To Bypass Them

2: Filterbypass.me

Filterbypass is also a good way to bypass any blocked website and surf it without restriction. If you looking a way to use YouTube Facebook and any other your favorite website which is blocked in your college and office than you can try filterbypass to unblock it.


Access blocked websites by your ISP

3: Securefor.com

Browsing website anonymously without using your actual location can be possible with proxy sites. Securefor proxy solution do this work for you when you fighting with blocked website. This proxy site by pass the all blocking for you and direct connect tha web site you want to surf with using there different servers.


unblocked proxy sites


4: Proxify.com

Proxify capture the top 10 best proxy site list because its support all popular browser such as chrome, Mozilla, opera, safari and many more other. It’s provide you multiple different location and hide your internet IP address to keep your location protected from others.


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5: Hide.me

Hide me provide proxy server solution as well as VPN solution for commercial use. VPN solution is the most secured and useful when you have multiple work location. But if you are looking for proxy way to bypass block website and enjoy without restriction than hide.me is free.

You can get free and paid VPN solution for limited location and  paid version gives you unlimited location and unlimited data transfer limit.


How to access / open blocked sites at office, college, school ?

6: Kproxy

Kproxy one another best proxy site to access any website anonymously. Best thing about Kproxy is you can integrated a extension to your web browser to use it. Its available free and pro version. Pro version gives your extra feature like faster than free and no ads  to disturb you while using Kproxy.


Open Blocked Sites in Office,College,School With Browser Software



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7: Hidester

Hidester also good option to surf any website anonymously and simply with safe way. Its provide you web proxy to access any blocked URL and website without installing any software in your computer. If you are a Google chrome browser lover than its extension make your faster and safer anonymously internet browsing

Our college Wi-Fi has blocked some sites like YouTube, Facebook

8: Dontfilter.us

Many country doesn’t allow to access some website as per their policy but proxy site allow the restricted website with using their server.if you are looking for access a website which not allow in your collage country and office than you can do it with dontfilter proxy solution.

how to access blocked sites in college wifi


9: Hide My Ass

Hide my Ass is VPN solution to access blocked website through VPN service. VPN solution let bypass the device blocked website in your area and give you alternate way to open them. It’s provide paid service only, you can get complete detail about plan and feature in office website.

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10: Anonymous

Anonymous as the name sound clearly that its gives you a hide identity to access any website without disclosing your identity. Its gives you access of blocked URL even if it’s blocked by firewall and other server. Just use anonymous proxy site and visit the blocked content in your country, home, office and other institution. It’s a simple web proxy to access any website without downloading and installing any software in your mobile and computer.


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