Mercusys MW325R Wireless Router Repeater Mode with Any Brand Router

mercusys mw325r repeater mode for home

Mercusys MW325R 300Mbps Wireless Router Repeater Mode configuration

Mercusys MW 325R is a 300Mbps wireless indoor router with 4 number 5dBi Omni direction antenna. Router specially designs for home Wi-Fi use to increase Wi-Fi range and speed connectivity.  MW325R router is a SOHO product so it can be used for office and home. It is having 4LAN and 1 WAN port for configuring in router mode with support PPPoE, Dynamic and Static IP configuration for an Internet service provider. Mercusys MW325R Repeater mode can be configured with any brand wireless access point without any trouble.

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Mercusys MW325R router can be used for access point as well as repeater mode to extend signal strength on the dark area. In repeater, mode router connected the to the main router wirelessly and boost the signal with 100% coverage where the main router signal not reached.


Mercusys MW325R Default Setting

To configuration of any router, you must know the default settings of the router. If you are using new mercusys router than you can find default setting in backside sticker of router .well you can also find default settings for mercusys MW325R  , MW305R, MW155R, AC12.

Mercucsys MW325 Default IP –

Default username – NA

Default password- Not set

After getting the default setting you can proceed to login router.



Mercusys MW325R Router Connection Diagram for Repeater Configuration

Connect router LAN port to Laptop/PC LAN port and power on the router with the included box 5V-0.6A power adapter. See the image below to connect the correct wired connection of Mw325R router.

merusys 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender

After the Physical connection of router configure PC/Laptop LAN ip address to router default IP series. You can use ( to 254) and any other IP for laptop or PC.

See how to configure LAN IP in Laptop here.

 Mercusys MW325R Router Login First time.

Open the web browser and type the default IP Address in the URL bar and hit enter. First time there is no password set in Mercusys MW325 router in factory mode. The first login window will ask to create the login password to enter the router setting interface.

Create a new password and confirm the new password.

This password will use to login router next time.

mercusys mw325r default password


In the next window, you will wizard the option to the configuration for the WAN interface.

Click the Skip button in the right side corner to enter in router settings.

Mercury Wifi Router MW313R 300M Wireless Wouter Wifi Extender


The router will open in the Status page but we are going to configure Mercusys MW325R in repeater mode so click in Advanced tab from the top to enter settings.

How to configure WDS function on the MERCUSYS Wireless

To repeater, mode configuration has to enable router bridging mode. See the steps to enable mercusys mw325r repeater mode in WDS Bridging.

1:  Go to Wireless Tab

2: Select WDS Bridging to repeater mode configuration.

3: Click the Next button to start scanning for the main Access Point signal to join Mercusys MW325R  repeater mode connection.

mercusys Easy Parental Controls & Access Control


The router will take 5-10 seconds to get information all AP running on air. You will get the list of all AP broadcasting in the area so choose your main AP name to join for repeater mode.

mercusys mw325R scanning issue

You will all AP SSID choose your ap name from the select option in last with the ball selection icon.

Select your main WiFi type password for connecting the main WiFi.

mercusys MW155R repeater mode


Type your Main W-Fi password to connect Mercusys MW325R repeater mode to boost signal strength.

Click Next button

MW305R Wireless router DMZ setting

The router will take 20-30 seconds to connect in repeater mode with any brand wireless access point to increase your signal strength everywhere.

N300 MW300UM Wireless Mini USB Adapter

Mercusys MW325R Repeater Configuration

In these steps, you have to set a Wi-Fi name and WiFi password for Repeater SSID. This means this SSID will be used for connecting to the repeater device from mobile and Laptop.

You can use Different names and passwords for repeater Wi-Fi names from the main Wi-Fi name.

TP-LINK'S Mercusys MW325R 300 Mbps wifi Wireless N Routers

Click Next Button to proceed.

This is Step will ask for LAN IP configuration and its Important steps.

Please make sure if your main WiFi IP then change mercusys MW325 repeater device IP to any otherIPp. You can use to 254 any free IP Address.

Click Next button after.

mercusys mw325r lan setting


Wait router will take 30-40 seconds to save changes and your Mercusys MW325R repeater will be connected.

 mercusys mw325r review

Mercusys MW325R Repeater Status Check.

After configuration check the status of mercusys router its connected or not with your main WiFi router.

Go to Wireless-> WDS bridging

See the repeater status connected with the Green checkmark.

mercusys MW325R VLAN setting

Mercusys MW325R Repeater mode connection from Mobile.

One your repeater mode configuration successfully is done now go to mobile or Laptop

Please after rebooting wait for 30 seconds to connect mobile or laptop to connect to the repeater device.

Mercusys MW325R router connection problem from IPhone x

Enjoy the 100% signal strength and internet speed each and every corner of your home and office.

Mercusys MW325 Repeater Connected Client Status.

You can see your mobile and laptop Wi-Fi user connection in the status page.

Go to basic to see the status of connected devices with download upload speed.

1: Upstream: this option will show upload speed of a connected user

2: Downstream: this option will show a download speed of connected Wi-Fi users.

3: Block: if you think anyone connected an unknown user than this option will block that user. Click a block to any user you want to disconnect from your Mercusys MW325R repeater device.

how to set mercusys router speed limit

Mercusys  MW325R  Login Password Change.

Although Mercusys MW325R router doesn’t have any default password for login. There is a simple step to change Mercusys MW325R wireless router login password change

1: Go to Advanced

2: System Tools

3: Click on Change Login Password

Old password:  type here your old login password

New password:  type here new password you want to set for login

Confirm New password:  type new password again to confirm.

how to setup mercusys router from mobile

Click the Save button to apply setting and login with new password now.

Mercusys MW325R router can be used in repeater mode with any brand device so its not necessary to main AP should be the same mercusys brand.

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